Balans Soho Society

 28th October 2016
Balans Soho Society

Those gorgeous lot from Balans Soho Society have once again upped their game by opening a new cafe and restaurant in Seven Dials. Whilst the old favourites such as the infamous Balans Burger are still there on the menu, Balans Soho Society Seven Dials Cafe really has gone to town with some delicious and exciting new additions.


The style of the cafe/restaurant is very relaxed with a touch of 1940s-chic. The decorative mosaic tiled floors, large mid-ceiling light fittings, wooden chairs and neutral tones give the whole place a nice comfortable feel to it. We decided to sit up at the window counter where we could watch the world go by and by no means at all cruise the hotties walking past. We would never do a thing like that.


When at any Balans Soho Society, it's pretty much obligatory to start off with a Pornstar Martini, so that's exactly what we did. After scanning the menu, we could see that we were set a pretty impossible task of choosing a dish. Everything looked great!


In the end though, we managed to make a decision. First up came the Lamb and Apricot Meatballs. These four succulent balls of pleasure were everything we could wish for and so much more. There was evidently some Moroccan influence with this dish and the chefs used the flavours well, making sure nothing was overpowering, but indeed, well balanced and complimentary. It really would be hard to top that fourgy of pleasure, but next came the Pulled Duck Tacos. This trio of soft tortillas stuffed with a mouthwatering, spicy pulled duck was quite possible the best threesome we've had for a long time. Full of flavour and moist throughout, these were incredibly difficult to share.


As we recovered from the mass group session that just occurred, more drinks were in order. We had Great Balls of Fire (not even making this up) which was a concoction of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, lemon and eggwhite. If Big Red could be a drink, then this is what it would taste like. Then something rather special happend. I had heard of a mystical off menu drink called a Weeping Jesus. This can be ordered at any Balans Soho Society restaurant and is a bartenders secret drink. A blend of absinthe, bitters and peach schnapps, you can easily see why this is called Weeping Jesus. Oh how the words slurred after this drink.


For mains, in keeping with Balans Soho Society tradition, we had to opt for the Balans Burger. What can be said about this burger that hasn't already been said? Never have ween been so happy and thrilled to have a mouth full of meat in public before.


We also opted for the Lemon and Ricotta Ravioli. These seared pockets of deliciousness were right up our strasse! Filled with whipped ricotta, pan-fried with a simple, yet stunning lemon and butter sauce and finished of with roasted peppers and peas. This was a light and elegant main finished off to perfection.


Even though the food was incredible as ever, one of the main reasons for Balans Soho Society's success is the service. Where else can you go where a waiter can say "two pornstars" or "balls for you sir?" and completely get the hilarity. Sure it's a tad Morcombe and Wise humour, but my god is it funny. There doesn't seem to be a thing that phases the Balans Soho Society team as they go above and beyond what is usually asked for from a server.


Balans Soho Society is vast becoming not just a Soho institute, but a London one and we couldn't be prouder.

written on Friday 28th October 2016
Where is it?

32-34 Monmouth StreetSeven DialsLondon WC2H 9HA

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday - 08.00 to 23.00
Sunday - 08.00 to 22.00
Back The Four Sisters Townhouse Next The Kings Arms
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  1. Paul Dunstone

    Went to the new 7 Dials Balans last week. Great atmosphere and the food was good, would recommend a trip

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