Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

 4th January 2016
Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Hidden behind Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell is what can only be described as a London’s private members club minus the membership. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings.


Even from the outside B&H Buildings looks pretty grand. You are presented with a  huge black wall exterior with 2 massive flags draping across the façade. But it’s not until you go inside the building that you realise you’ve entered  a very unique place.


The first thing we noticed was the gorgeous French waiter. Now we’re not sure if he’s a permanent fixture, but he alone is worth the visit. Once realising that we were here in a professional capacity, we decided to take note of our surroundings and boy were we glad we did. The interior was stunning! A baby grand piano by the entrance of the door was being used as a reception desk (we didn’t check to see if it still worked as we knew we wouldn’t be able to stop playing show tunes and getting everyone to sing along), a long bar that swept across one side of the room in to another and then you have the fire place. A gorgeous concrete fire place surrounded by sofas and armchairs with paintings stretching from the ceiling to the floor. Pure luxury.


Moving into the restaurant and you enter in to another world. It has a feel of a country house dining room and conservatory that has been abandoned and the plants have taken over the rooms. With wicker garden furniture and comfy armchairs, this is a restaurant that you could lose yourself in for days.


The food is seasonal and reasonably priced with quite a bit of a selection to choose from. We started off with the beetroot and hazelnut salad with port dressing. This was a delicious and light start to the meal. Served at room temperature, the distinct flavours of the red, gold and purple beetroot really came out. A word of warning though. Watch out for those pesky hazelnuts. We tried to use a prong on the fork on one, just to have it shoot off the plate and into a lady's handbag that was sitting opposite us (and no, we didn’t tell her what had happened). For mains, keeping with the country feel, we had roasted pumpkin risotto with toasted pumpkin seeds. A wonderfully filling and flavoursome dish. It’s easy to mess up a risotto, but they got the rice down to a t. Not soft and fluffy, but just past al dente with a little bite left to it. This time round, nothing flew off the plate (that we’re aware of). Then, on to desert. Warm carrot cake pudding with a lemon yogurt sorbet. Incredibly refreshing. The carrot cake was light, sweet and beautifully seasoned with mixed spices, whilst the sorbet was refreshing and cleansing. There were tears when it came to an end.


B&H Buildings really is something special. The service was good, the food wonderful and the surroundings spectacular. B&H can also boast about having some pretty unique private rooms and a stunning club, Below & Hidden. The tiniest club in London, but also the coolest. Rich tapestry adorning the walls and cocktails served in bottles (it’s so small, there’s no bar in the room). But what really makes this place special is the private members club feel. It has all the workings and elements but without the exclusivity, arrogance and pretentiousness and for that reason, we love Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings.

written on Monday 4th January 2016
Where is it?

42 Northampton RoadLondon EC1R 0HU

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday - 10am-midnight
Friday & Saturday - 10am-1am
Sunday - 10am-6pm
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