11th January 2017

Think off all your favourite things, add a touch of European flair and then place it all in a stylish and super chic bar and restaurant and you have Burdock.


Based on the ground floor of the Royal Mountcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square, Burdock offers an amazing selection of fresh British fare prepared in an elegant and stunning way.


As the doorman held open the large glass doors, we were warmly greeted by friendly staff with genuine smiles on their faces. It’s hard to believe, but yes, there are still happy people in London! Every member of staff we encountered was polite and personable. They had a real passion for what they were delivering and were eager to share what they knew about the dishes. So ticks all round there.


The dishes are designed to be shared. Like tapas if you will. This gives, not only the chefs an opportunity to show off their skills (which are exceptional by the way), but also gives the diner the chance to sample an array of deliciousness on a plate.


We started off with the cauliflower croque monsieur. This pretty much set the bar. Thinly sliced cauliflower drenched in gooey melted cheese which is entombed in a buttery, toasted bread pocket. That’s right. We just totally sexed up a toasted sandwich!


Venison meatballs with blue cheese and pickled garlic came out next. Now you know what we’re like when it comes to describing spherical shaped foods. It’s just ends up being smutty, which we refuse to do in this instance. These meaty balls were well portioned and cooked so well that they we’re nice and juicy all the way through.


The Yorkshire grouse, bulgar and artichoke was sensational! A smoky gaminess from the bird worked well with the slight nuttiness of the artichoke. How are you supposed to share these dishes?!?! They’re too good to share!


But our favourite had to be the charred bavette, salsa verde and parmesan. The bavette was seasoned beautifully. This matched to the fresh salsa verde livened the dish up and brought a new level of freshness to each mouthful.


But it doesn’t end there. Bring on the bourbon on bourbon Brace yourselves folks. Bourbon biscuit, Bulleit bourbon caramel, Valrhona chocolate sauce, vanilla and Bulleit bourbon ice cream. Yes. That just happened. Served in a handled jar, this epic freakshake brought a tear to the eye (and quite possible a few pounds to the belly) as we slurped the last mouthful of creamy goodness.


Burdock seems to have it all. Gorgeous interior, delicious food, orgasmic freakshakes and attentive, friendly staff. It’s even joined on to a hotel so if you over indulge and cannot move, you can get a room for the night! Burdock will easily become a London destination restaurant and will always be one of OutSavvy’s top rated venues.

written on Wednesday 11th January 2017
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