19th January 2016

When you mention Vauxhall, people’s minds tend to think of the late night clubs straight away. That or London Spy (seriously. How good was that BBC TV show?). But Vauxhall is so much more than the late night venues as we discovered with Counter.


Set in the gorgeous Vauxhall railway arches Counter is bringing casual Manhattan style dining to London. This relaxed neighbourhood brasserie also has a cool, chic cocktail lounge and event space, Back Counter Lounge. We went in on a Friday night and the lounge area was full of beautiful people drinking cocktails and champagne. A party of which we’d love to be a part!


Counter has a more chilled out vibe where you can enjoy great food and some pretty awesome cocktails. The space is vast with a mix of industrial and New York chic. The stunning host greeted us and took us to our table in one of the booths (we definitely recommend you request one of these tables when making a booking. Just think of the things you can get up to!). First things first, the drinks. We started off with a Vesper. This is a take on the classic, but with an orange twist. Super easy to drink and really loosened us up…so to speak. . On the wine list you’ll only find wines from America and France, which makes it incredibly easy to decide which one to go for.


To start, we had the Chicken and Tarragon Terrine and Chili Blanco. The terrine was a mouth-watering starter of chicken layered upon red peppers, mushrooms and spinach served with apricot chutney and sourdough toast. As starters go, you can’t really get much better than that. The chili was a hearty starter with enough spice too bring the dish to life. Served with tortilla and avocado salsa, this was more of a main course than starter. Not that we’re complaining. Bigger is better.


Moving on to mains. You can always judge a brasserie on their burgers, so it was only right that we went for the Counter Burger. Bette Middler be praised that we did! Beef patty with Swiss cheese, pickles, counter sauce and…you ready for this? BACON JAM! Who doesn’t love a bit of meat on meat action?! The burger was juicy and the burger dressings just made everything that much better. We also went for the Butternut Squash Hotpot. As vegan dishes go, this was pretty damn good. Just like the Chili Blanco, this was a big hearty meal and incredibly filling. Made with butternut squash (obviously), tomato and ancho chillies, this dish is will clear your sinuses. If you like spicy food, you’ll love this dish. It’s perfect winter fuel.


Now to the climax of the evening. Pudding. This for us is quite possibly one of the best puddings we’ve ever had and we’ve had a lot! If there’s ever a reason you need to go out and dine somewhere, this is the reason. Baked Oreo Cheesecake with Oreo Cream Shake. We’ll give you a minute to gather yourself…back with us? We can’t even begin to tell you how incredible this dish was. It actually tasted like an Oreo. A smooth, creamy, cheesecake filling on a crushed Oreo biscuit base. Un-effin-believable!


As Vauxhall changes, it’s great to know that there’s already a neighbourhood feel to the area and you really got a sense of that in Counter. It didn’t feel like a restaurant that was just for gays, but was for everyone to enjoy. So whether you’re off to The RVT and fancy a pre theatre dinner, looking somewhere cool to go for after work drinks or even if you need some fuel before a night of clubbing, Counter in Vauxhall is the place where you can get have it all.

written on Tuesday 19th January 2016
Where is it?

Arch 507-11 South Lambeth PlaceLondon SW8 1SP

Opening Hours

MONDAY - THURSDAY - 07:00 - 00:30
FRIDAY - 07:00 - 01:30
SATURDAY - 09:00 - 01:30
SUNDAY - 09:00 - 00:30
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