Dalston Superstore

 1st September 2015
Dalston Superstore

A prime jewel in the east London gay scene, you can never go wrong with a cheeky trip to Dalston Superstore. Be it for a delicious gourmet burger in the afternoon or a few bevys and some superb music in the evening, Dalston Superstore has earned its spot as one of the top clubs in East London. Opening in 2009 by the infamous Matt Tucker (Trailer Trash) and Dan Beaumont (ex-Disco Bloodbath) Dalston Superstore has consistently brought parties that get people talking. 


During the day, Dalston Superstore is a great place to chill out and get on with writing that novel you've been putting off whilst enjoy one of their trademark cocktails like ‘the Hackney Iced Tea’.  Its comfortable seating area and delicious menu will easily make time pass by. The food itself is relatively cheap with most meals under a tenner. The walls are decorated with vibrant art that gives the venue a bright and breezy atmosphere. 


At night, Dalston Superstore is almost unrecognisable as it transforms into a 2 level club. Navigating your way around the long and narrow ground floor can sometimes be tricky as it is usually packed with beautiful bearded men by midnight. Venture down the stairwell into the basement club which has hosted many a party including 'Homostash', 'Discosodoma', 'Homoelectric' and the popular lesbian night ‘Clam Jam’. 


Dalston Superstore is open 7 days a week with varying opening times depending on the event. Although it gets a bit gay, Dalston Superstore is welcoming to all and is a great place to bring your fruit flies (look that one up) and straight friends for the perfect night out. 

written on Tuesday 1st September 2015
Where is it?

117 Kingsland High StreetLondonE8 2PB

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 11:45AM - LATE
Other times - Various
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