Half Way To Heaven

 3rd May 2016
Half Way To Heaven

Many a good night has been wasted away in this quaint gay pub located just off Trafalgar Square and it’s no surprise to us why it’s been serving the queer community of London for such a long time.  This iconic gay venue is packed out every weekend with a mix of men and woman letting loose and enjoying the classic British pub atmosphere.

Situated between Charing Cross station and Trafalgar Square, Halfway II Heaven stands proud with its Rainbow flag hanging by the door. The venue is split into 2 levels; the ground floor serves as the main bar with a classic pub décor and a sparkling twist in the form of hanging chandlers. Framed pictures of previous nights hang on the walls. The bar is stocked with a variety of delicious cask ales and lagers so if that’s your taste then wet your pallet with a cold refreshing bevy. The basement is an open dance area with a stage and fancy mirror surrounded by fairy lights (Perfect selfie opportunity). You are guaranteed to make a few new friends and maybe even a love interest, at least for one night anyway.

Halfway II Heaven opens its doors every day of the week with events that are bound to tickle your fancy.  From camp karaoke nights to drag sing-alongs and the Annual ‘Drag Idol’ in support with ‘Caner Is a Drag’ there is always something going on to keep you entertained. Oh and we forgot to mention there is never a door charge so you have more money to tip the cute bartenders.  

written on Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Where is it?

7 Duncannon StreetLondonWC2N 4JF

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday - 12.00 - 00.00
Friday & Saturday - 12.00 to 03.00
Sunday - 12.00 to 23.00
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