Hard Rock Cafe

 14th April 2016
Hard Rock Cafe

Here at OutSavvy there are two things that always excite us. Topless pics of Nick Jonas and bottomless mimosas. Whilst we don’t have any topless pics of Nick Jonas, we do have a place to tell you about that offers bottomless mimosas PLUS amazing food to set you up for the day…or to help you recover from a Saturday night.


Hard Rock Café has been serving up incredible American food since the early 1970’s and has gone on to become a global brand with music and food at its core. Now it has taken its next step in food hall of fame by offering a classic American brunch with bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s. The perfect start for a Sunday Funday!


We arrived at Hard Rock Café and straight away we felt like this was going to be a fun start to the day. The place was packed and the stage was set…quite literally. During our brunch there was a live band playing some seriously awesome music that had pretty much everyone swaying and tapping their toes. We went one step further and threw in some hairography and some sass.


First out were the cocktails. What we loved the most were the Bloody Marys. Yes because we were a tad hungover, but also because they came naked. Now before you get all hot under the collar, what we mean by naked is that we had to add our own spices. This meant we could make it exactly to our liking.


The second course was then laid out in front of us. Toasted bagels and American pancakes served with a hot, sweet fruit compote and a trio toppings. Warm maple syrup, butter and smoked salmon cream cheese. This was all nice and civilised. The food was delicious and light and we felt quite proper. Then it all went crazy and became an ‘every man for themselves’ moment. Cue the main event.


Out of the kitchen arrived a HUGE sharing platter of some of the most guilt ridden food you could ever imagine and my god how we loved it! Succulent Southern fried chicken, crisp smoked bacon, juicy chipolata sausages, moreish southwest potatoes, indulgent cowboy beans, perfectly plumped grilled tomatoes, tasty grilled mushrooms and all finished off with perfectly golden American style waffles. Did we leave anything out? Oh yes! Baked eggs with red peppers, spinach and feta cheese topped off with grilled courgette and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. If it wasn’t for the fact that the restaurant was full, we would have dived in face first. Every mouthful was pure pleasure.


By the end of our brunch, it took all of our strength to walk out of the door. We came hungry and left full and satisfied. As legends go, Hard Rock Café has seen their fair share. From Paul McCartney and Wings being the first people to perform there, to Eric Clapton donating his guitar (the first bit of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia to adorn the walls at HRC) and now they have another legend to add to their list. The epic all-star American line-up brunch.


written on Thursday 14th April 2016
Where is it?

150 Old Park LaneLondon W1K 1QZ

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday - 11.30 to 00.30
Friday to Saturday - 11.00 to 01.00
Sunday - 10.00 to 22.30
Back Half Way To Heaven Next Balans Soho Society
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