Pachamama Bar and Kitchen

 2nd February 2016
Pachamama Bar and Kitchen

Pachamama, Peruvian bar and restaurant, is in the heart of Marylebone. When we were told about Pachamama, we had no idea what to expect. When we finished our dinner there, we couldn’t believe that more than a year after it opened, we have only just discovered this restaurant! To explain, Pachamama is Earth Goddess or Earth Mother of the Andes and this is the inspiration for everything that makes this an OutSavvy must: fantastic food,  a great range of drinks, fun atmosphere, quirky tasteful décor, well chosen music in the background, and a bill that is not going to wreck your bank balance.
And what other ingredient do you need to make for great dining experience? Yup, the Pachamama people – everyone from the owner, managers, hosts, servers and chefs love what they do. It shows. This has to be one of the friendliest restaurants we have visited. They are warm, engaging and enthusiastic.  We were patiently and in great detail told about the concept –  in a nutshell, its all about sharing distinctive, glorious flavours, made with the finest ingredients, served up with passion. Our tongues were in for a treat.
The spirit of Pachamama, Earth Mother, is everywhere. The décor evokes a colonial style hacienda in Central America where Pachamama ‘lives’. ‘She’ is in the kitchen preparing dishes ‘she’ knows the diner will relish: First to be brought to the table: Sea bass ceviche, samphire, radish, tiger's milk (£9.50). The tiger’s milk, a Peruvian citrus marinade, was wonderfully tangy and brought out the best in the succulent fish that melted in our mouths. Accompanied by a decent Muscadet, more seafood, this time Quinoa 'Chaufa’ Del Mar (£13.50). Again, a wonderful fusion of the seafood and a citrusy broth with the quinoa – the superstar food of today.
Throughout our visit it seemed that all the attentive, smiling Pachamama staff had come to our table, either with our dishes or just to make sure we were being looked after. By now, our hearts were all ‘aflutter’ for the servers (both sexes - we are a polyamorous lot at OutSavvy). And the food kept coming: two hearty vegetarian dishes - fried aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans (£8.50) and Oyster & penny bun mushroom 'Carapulcra’ (£10.00). A word on each dish – the aubergines, just right, not oily or greasy but creamy, smoky, satisfying with added pecan nutty crunch.  Love potatoes? Love ‘Carapulcra’ a traditional Peruvian stew made with the aforementioned Andean staple that had a subtle roasted flavour with mix of mushrooms (like many of the ingredients, sourced around the UK) and a pinch of chili pepper to give it a pleasing added pep. By the way, there is an extensive vegetarian menu available. Meat lovers fear not, for you we tried the Beef short rib 'Pachamanca’, ají, sweet potato (£21.00). Here at OutSavvy we like our beef sensual. For us, this was the dish of the night. Tender and flavoursome, slow cooked to perfection in Ají -  (Peruvian salsa made with chili, tomato and coriander) and fondant baked sweet potato on the side… stop we have eaten too much.  
On this occasion, alas, no room for desert or Pisco (Peruvian grape brandy) based cocktails. Which means we will have to hurry back soon. Tip – book well in advance. We arrived at 6.30pm on Friday and the place was already buzzing and now we know why. There are a lot of people who want to come home to taste Pachamama, Earth Mother’s Peruvian cooking.  We, at OutSavvy have become fans too.

written on Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Where is it?

18 Thayer StreetLondonW1U 3JY

Opening Hours

Monday - 6pm – 12pm
Tuesday – Friday - 12pm – 3pm 6pm – 12pm
Sunday - 12pm – 4pm 6pm – 11pm
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