The Folly

 23rd October 2015
The Folly

If you're looking for a bar that offers pretty much everything you could ever want, then The Folly is the place for you.


Down by London's Monument, is a bar like no other. The Folly is a maze of wonder and intrigue. Every turn you’ll discover something new and exciting. The décor brings all things flora and fauna together inside, be it with huge crates hanging from the windows full of herbs and aromatic flowers, to oversized lamp shades made out of feathers. This is a place that will make you smile as soon as you enter. But then the drinks make it even better.


We ventured into the The Haig Club Lounge and experienced what would become a love story to last throughout the ages…or is it a sordid love affair? Either way, we’ve now been converted to Haig Club Whisky and here’s why.


We attended a Haig Club Whisky Masterclass (£30 per person) where we learnt about the whisky and were shown how to make a few cocktails. If you’re not a whisky drinker, this is a great way to introduce yourself to it and gives you a better understanding of the drink. Haig Club is much lighter than most whiskies and incredibly smooth to drink. You can easily enjoy it neat or as a cocktail (or do what we did and enjoy it both ways!). Our bartender, Sayeed, demonstrated how to make an array of cocktails from a whisky Negroni to an old fashioned and a sour. All of which tasted incredible with Haig Club. But the one we liked the most was Haig Club straight up with a spoon full of vanilla ice cream. If Christmas had a taste. This is it.


Not only does The Folly offer great drinks, but their new autumn menu is also something quite special. Peking duck flatbread with cucumber, spring onions and hoisin is just awesome and their chicken satay sticks go surprisingly well with a whisky sour. Who would have thought?

written on Friday 23rd October 2015
Where is it?

412 Gracechurch StreetLondonEC3V 0BT

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 7am till late
Saturday to Sunday - 10am till late
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