The Four Sisters Townhouse

 31st October 2016
The Four Sisters Townhouse

Hidden deep within a side passage in the heart of The City of London, lies a haven straight out of a Dickens novel, The Four Sisters Townhouse. Offering a spectacular selection of refined cocktails, this hidden gem had us OutSavvy gin soaked lushes quivering at the knees with excitement.


The bar itself is an elegant and luscious space, where you can easily find yourself loosing a few hours of your evening as you become submerged in its comfy sofas and soft lighting.


As soon as we sat down, we flicked through the cocktail menu (which changes weekly to ensure only the freshest ingredients that are in season are used) and knew straight away which ones to start with. Cupcake and Smack That (this really does say a lot about us here at OutSavvy).


The Cupcake is a light a fruity mix of Beefeater Gin, grapefruit, mint and strawberry foam. The end result was indeed an alcoholic, liquefied cupcake worthy of Hummingbird Bakery standards. The only sad thing about the cocktail is that it finished within in seconds (...which actually says more about us). Put something delicious in our mouths and we'll swallow it within seconds!


Ordering cocktails can be a risky business,  especially if you have a childish and smutty sense of humour like we do. Who hasn't made and awkward dad-like joke whilst ordering a Sex on the Beach, or revelled in delight at asking of the hot boys at Ku Bar for a Cock Sucking Cowboy? Well the trend continues at The Four Sisters Townhouse. You can just image the glee when our charming server came over to our table and we proudly said "Smack That for me". Oh the joy! If there was a cringe-o-meter, we would have definitely been hitting 8 or 9.


Smack That stayed true to its name. A blend of Absolut Vodka, lemon balm, lemon, jalapeno and peach had a sweet and slightly tart taste with an added punch at the end from the jalapeno. It was a taste sensation as our taste buds tried to determine what was going on.


The cocktail menu also offers some other pretty interesting concoctions such as Smoke and Sage which is a Martini style, tequila based cocktail. Be warned though, after one of these, you'll start to feel a tad lightheaded. Shake And Bake is another fine example of The Four Sisters Townhouse's cocktail craftsmanship. Chivas Regal 12yo Whisky, roots mastiha, kiwi, lemon and ginger. A drink that really does warm the cockles.


Everything about The Four Sisters Townhouse just oozes sophistication and indulgence. You enter in amazement and the style and surroundings and leave having had a cocktail awakening that has you feeling excitable...and somewhat merry. If you're looking for something different and somewhere new to try, then The Four Sisters Townhouse is somewhere we strongly recommend you give ago.

written on Monday 31st October 2016
Where is it?

5 Groveland CourtBow Lane London EC4M 9AH

Opening Hours

Monday to Tuesday - 12.00 to 23.00
Wednesday to Friday - 12.00 to 01.00
Saturday to Sunday - closed
Back Central Station Next Balans Soho Society
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