The Friendly Society

 24th September 2015
The Friendly Society

Soho’s greatest dirty little secret, The Friendly Society, is probably the best place on earth for those who are living for 80s disco music and in search of some quirky places to have a few drinks with friends or somewhere to impress a date.


Hidden in a small alley, just off Wardour Street, this tiny and quirky basement bar features the craziest décor you can think of. Imagine Barbie dolls stuck to the ceiling, padded walls, disco balls and garden gnomes used as stools, The Friendly Society is always full of surprises. Futuristic or old school or maybe a bit of both? Well, we leave it to you to decide.


The Friendly Society may seem like every gay man’s dream come true but surprisingly it brings a mixed crowd every evening. This is the place where you can meet some extraordinary people and party to some great disco classics. Resident DJs are willing to play everything from Frank Sinatra to Madonna. So be prepared to be blown away with some bizarre music repertoire throughout the night. 


Even though the busiest nights are Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll be very lucky if you get a seat on any night of the week. The cocktails there are pretty good but it may be a bit pricey for some (a tenner each). Overall, they have a good selection of wines and beers available at a very reasonable price.


So what are you waiting for? Join the The Friendly Society today!

written on Thursday 24th September 2015
Where is it?

79 Wardour StreetLondonW1D 6QB

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday - 4pm – 11pm
Saturday - Saturday 2pm – 11pm
Sunday - 2pm – 10:30pm
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