The Ivy Market Grill

 20th October 2015
The Ivy Market Grill

Everyone loves breakfast. It’s a well-known fact. Ok. So we say “well known”, but what we actually mean is, is that everyone should love breakfast and for good reasons too.


“What are those reasons OutSavvy”? Well confused, yet incredibly hot reader, let us tell you. Forget the whole ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ thing. Breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day! And with The Ivy Market Grill, it’s now truer than ever.


On the south side of Covent Garden Piazza, the world famous The Ivy Restaurant has opened a sister site, The Ivy Market Grill. This casual and laid back restaurant is open for breakfast through to dinner with afternoon tea in the middle for good measure.


We went in on a Sunday morning expecting (and hoping, we were a little fragile) it to be fairly quiet, but how wrong we were. The Ivy name is known the whole world over. So slam The Ivy brand slap bang in the middle of the most touristy part of London, then you’re going to see a restaurant that’s busy from the moment the doors open. The place was heaving when we arrived.


Everything about the restaurant screams class. The décor is elegant and the staff are the best dressed servers in London by far. Every single one of them are immaculately dressed and presented.


On to the food. The breakfast offering is plentiful and the brunch, lunch and dinner menus offer a range from classic British dishes to European (we did eye up the Shepherd’s Pie on the all-day menu). We started off with the ultimate British statement when it comes to breakfast items. Crumpets. Now the crumpets themselves were pretty great. But let’s be honest here. A crumpets' a crumpet. What makes it different is the topping. How does a Marmite, mustard and parsley butter sound to you? Yep. It sounded pretty great to us too…and it was. We dare all those who hate Marmite to give this heavenly mixture a go and let us know what you think.


For our second breakfast item, we went for the baked egg white omelette with goat’s cheese and kale served with rocket and watercress. Best idea ever! #Fact. This was served in a brass pan that had just come out of the oven and was still cooking the omelette as we were eating. The flavours were perfectly balanced. The goat's cheese was delicate and the rocket and watercress added a nice peppery aftertaste.


The whole experience was just perfect. It was hard to fault any aspect of the meal. From the hostess greeting us straight through to our waiter bidding us a fond farewell. The Ivy Market Grill personifies perfection.

written on Tuesday 20th October 2015
Where is it?

1 Henrietta StreetLondonWC2E 8PS

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 7AM – MIDNIGHT
Saturday - 8AM – MIDNIGHT
Sunday - 8AM – 11PM
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