The Railway Tavern

 10th February 2016
The Railway Tavern

Opposite Clapham North station is a one of London’s finest pubs. Not only is the food and drink exceptional, but also the service and atmosphere as a whole.

We went in to The Railway Tavern on a Wednesday night thinking that it shouldn’t be too busy. How wrong we were. The pub was already full by 7pm and that’s always a good sign. On tap is a good selection of cask ales and lagers to suit everyone’s palate. Being the fine, sophisticated young men we are (no seriously. We are), we opted for a bottle of red. The bartenders were incredibly friendly and very chatty. So friendly in fact, that earlier on, one of the OutSavvy boys had arrived at The Railway Tavern, ordered a drink only to realise that he was supposed to be meeting us at Kazbar beforehand. So the fantastic bartender looked after his drink behind the bar until he got back half an hour later. What great service!

We went and sat at our table and looked through the menu. As you can imagine, the usual pub grub items were there. Fish & chips, burgers, bangers & mash etc. But we wanted to sample the small plates. Why? Well, basically because these weren’t your standard pub small plates. These were something pretty spectacular.

We ordered a varied selection of small plates and each one was presented beautifully and cooked to perfection. Salt & pepper squid with spicy mayo came as strips of squid which were coated in a spicy and crispy batter and incredibly moreish. The panfried Merguez sausages in spicy pico gallo salsa with goats curd was exceptional. The smoky sausage was succulent and beautifully balanced with the cooling goat’s curd. For our healthy option, we opted for heritage beetroots, kale with goat’s curd and omega sprinkles. This was a light and incredibly fresh. With the addition of the omega sprinkles, we could feel ourselves becoming increasingly clever with every mouthful (this may be the wine talking). Pumpkin, kale and goat’s chees croquettes with green chili and kale pesto followed. These were simply divine! A crispy, golden coating of bread crumbs coated this fluffy filling of pure heaven. The pesto was an added element of indulgence. Fragrant and spicy, this is a pesto we’d happily add to our pasta at home. Finally, we had the daddy of all small plates. Confit duck, shallot and thyme rillette with chutney and toasted bread. A ramekin filled with shredded duck and cram packed with flavour. How do we put this? For something so tiny to bring so much joy gives us a lot of hope.

What we really love about The Railway Tavern is the atmosphere though. It’s very much a mixed pub where everyone is welcome. It’s a pub where people randomly strike up conversations with strangers and where everyone is made to feel comfortable. We ended up leaving having made quite a few new friends and even discussing art and the Roman Empire. Who knew we were so deep?!

Clapham has always been a great destination place to go out in London and it is even more so with The Railway Tavern.

written on Wednesday 10th February 2016
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