• PAUL DUNSTONE Managing Director & Founder Paul is in charge of making sure we all turn up for work on a Monday morning. He founded OutSavvy wanting to create the complete digital companion for the LGBT community.
  • PETER HELBLING Head of Sales Peter creates new business opportunities and builds relationships with key partners. If you want to hear about how we co-promote your business have a chat with Peter.
  • STUART HONEY Head of Business Development Stuart is all about our long term vision and building partnerships. If you have any marketing or media enquiries, Stuart is the one to look out for.
  • David Morland Co-founder David is in charge of the finances and letting us know what we can spend, boo. But he also buys the first round so we like him.
  • Skirmantas Petraitis Going Out Editor Skirmantas finds the hottest hangouts in London along with the very best events. Follow him on Twitter to find out what he is reviewing next.
  • Glyn Davidson Going Out Editor Glyn and Skirmantas visit and sample the best bars and clubs in London. The things we do for you lot.
  • MONTY Human Manager The office dog Monty is basically in charge. Demands of walkies or treats are instantly fulfilled.