A night with The Sex Shells - Back in May!

OH NO! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND for four performances in May! 
They are back - bigger, saucier and even funnier than before. (with fetching outfits featuring moluscs). If you like your comedy, clever, witty not harsh, and decidedly filthy – then this is for you. The Sex Shells engage their audience with hilarious lyrics and silly sketches about such every day issues as the problems of a long distance commute to the outer reaches of South London when you use a ‘social app’ for a nocturnal visit; the mislaying of illegal substances at, err spontaneous gay ‘recreational’ parties around town; being stalked by a sexy gay ghost alone in your flat…(oh the list goes on), Nigella Lawson, St Martins School of Fashion, Yummy Mummies and quinoa - yes they all get skewered – to familiar tunes from Abba, Chicago, Lion King et al.

In front of an appreciative, diverse full-house crowd downstairs at our fave venue, The Glory, Dom Top, Calum Mac and LeStrange do not disappoint – and let’s hear it for ‘that girl Rosie’ the musical director and superb pianist who tries to keep those homosexual boys in order – yes she is 'that straight woman in a gay bar' as she sings, in a rather world weary way, in her show-stopping solo spot.

There is a good mix of old favourites for the fans and great new material to delight as well. If you have seen them before we urge you to see the Sex Shells again – if you have never seen them – go and see the Sex Shells for the first time! You are in for a unique cabaret treat.

OutSavvy rating – 5 ‘baggies’

Get your tix here: Sex Shells XL Tickets

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