And The Rest Of Me Floats Review


And The Rest Of Me Floats tackles the question of gender identity. This is a topic that seems to have finally hit national consciousness of late - and yes, there is a nod to L’Oreal, giving this performance piece a real sense of now!

And The Rest Of Me Floats, devised and performed by the cast, giving such believable convincing performances from the heart, is deftly directed by Ben Burrata.

Ben has allowed the cast to tell their stories through dance, song, monologue mini plays, even a bit of burlesque, to provocative effect. The audience viscerally follow the journeys of their lives.  They chant out their milestone years, randomly, recalling events that impacted on them in a particular way.   Sometimes these memories are painful, as they come to terms with who they are and how family, friends, religion, and the wider society, react to them. In many cases, they have to cope with crass questioning such as:

‘Are you gay? ‘Are you pre or post op?’ ‘Have you ever slept with a man/woman?’  ‘Are you non-binary? ‘‘Do you have a nice body cos I can’t tell?’ ‘Is this some kind of a statement?’

The central question, the cast address the audience directly is:

'Can you see me?' 

By the end of the evening the audience does see them – and triumphantly so.  Sure, there are moments when the stories make one uncomfortable - and a good performance that relays a truth should do that. However, this is not a piece that sets out to hector, but rather to inform, entertain, woo, allow you in with humour, wit and ultimately exuberance.

None of us get things right all the time, and dealing with identity, gender and transgender issues today is often seen as difficult to understand – but it shouldn’t be.

Josh Enright - he/him/she/her,  Barry Fitzgerald - he/him,  Elijah W Harris - he/him Emily Joh Miller - she/her Tamir Amar Petter - they/them Miiko Toiviainen - he/him Yasmin Zadeh - she/her/they/them, have successfully offered up their true lives to the audience, and this reviewer at least, left last night with eyes open and the feeling: Yes I can see you, and I don’t need to ask questions.

OutSavvy rating: Highly Recommended

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