Baby Lame Shit Show Review

The Glory has got a deserved reputation as being the go to place for wild anarchic performances in East London. The basement laid out cabaret style with a bar at the side, is an ideal venue for shit shows. And they don’t come any shittier than Baby Lame’s Shit Show! – and that’s a good thing – a very good thing.

Starting with the offstage catchy jingle ‘Shit Show!.. Shit Show!..’ (to the tune of Blind Date – what would Cilla make of this?) Baby Lame bursts onto the stage with a crowd pleasing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ (this reviewer was having trouble taking notes as mid-way through the number, Baby Lame decided to come into the audience and straddle him, which was a bit distracting)

Baby Lame piles it on with maniacal energy – but it not just about her – she showcases, as she says, ‘the darker and weirder’ fabulously bizarre performers on the cabaret circuit – and we got them this evening: Bourgeosie; Cybil War; Carmen Mon Oxide; Laura Gwen Miles and headline stand-up act, David Mills – all brought edgy, ‘sailing close to the wind’ not safe, unpredictable performances – just what the alternative entertainment scene needs at the moment in these rather shitty times.

A word of warning the audience is not safe (either), as they are singled out to discuss their sexual practices, perform slut drops, have chocolate Hobnobs forced down their throats or be the unfortunate ‘Daddy’ who is bound to a chair with duct tape while Baby Lame channels Bette Davis ‘I have written a letter to Daddy’- terrifying!

We will be keeping an eye out for the next Shit Show!… and can’t wait for the next Baby Lame and guests encounter with some more audience slut drops…

OutSavvy Rating: 5 star shit

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