Christmas Psychic Special – psychic readings & mediumship for the LGBT Community

We at OutSavvy celebrate the diversity and range of activites within our community. So it was with great interest and curiosity, that we recently caught up with Kalie Jade, psychic medium and healing practitioner, founder of Psychic Special, and meetup group Spiritual Lesbians.

Kalie is passionate and dedicated to helping others progress on their journey to wellness. She offers a range of complementary therapies alongside psychic readings, mediumship and animal therapies.

She loves bringing the LGBT community together and reaching out to help others. Kalie believes that no one should have to suffer in silence and hopes to reduce levels of depression and anxiety through her events and therapies.

We asked her to tell us more about her work:

A lot of gay people that I have met struggle to make friends within our community, many are also tired of having to go out to nightclubs to socialise.

I started Psychic Special to offer a different way of meeting people in a friendly, welcoming environment but also to introduce people to the world of mediumship, something I have been involved in for most of my adult life.

Watching a demonstration of mediumship could be seen as unusual but it is extremely comforting to receive a message from a loved one in the spirit world, sometimes just to know they are ok.

The event attracts firm believers and sceptics alike. Many people have never watched a demonstration before so we always explain everything at the beginning.

Everyone is made to feel welcome from the moment they arrive, especially if they are attending alone. We encourage gay males and females to sit together, given that we generally socialise separately, I feel it’s important for us to integrate more.

People often stay on for drinks after the demonstration has finished, making the most of two for one during happy hour, and leave having made new LGBT friends. This has to be my favourite part, watching everyone come together, smiling.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback so far. I am really proud of Psychic Special and hope that it continues to grow as we reach out to new audiences.

Ticket are now on sale for the next event, Christmas Psychic Special which will be on Sunday 10th December, Boudoir in Bar Soho, London.

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