A quickie with Douche Bag's Laurence & Michael

Another OutSavvy fav. Douche Bag, an alt-pop, faggy synth, trash guitar happening for happy east end homos :)

We sat down for a quickie with Douche Bag’s organisers Michael and Laurence (DJs Mikey XCX and Laurence Del Rey) to explain why should you come and join Douche Bag.

Hi Micheal, hi Laurence, thanks for taking the time to spill the tea with OutSavvy today. We want to talk to you about your night Douche Bag. Tell us, what can we expect?

It's a fun, unpretentious night with a loyal crowd of locals who want to cut loose and burn some calories off dancing to off-kilter pop and synth from the likes of Kelis, Robyn, Grimes, Gwen and Muse. Sometimes we even play The Ting Tings.  We happen at our beloved Star of Bethnal Green, a sweaty, slightly rough around the edges boozer/club hybrid in the wilds of E2.

Nice! How long has Douchebag been running for?

Since 2012. We're hoping to be in the Olympics one day.

What kind of crowd can we expect at Douchebag?

Sweaty, friendly East End gays who don't take themselves too seriously doing slut-drops to The Knife and pogoing to Missy Elliott. There've even been reports of people coming from as far as Camberwell!

Now we get serious. Please tell us who you would snog, marry or avoid from our Olympic hottie selection of Tom Daley, Louis Smith and Chris Mears and why.

Avoid - Tom Daley. Our crowd might be a bit too young for him.
Marry - Chris Mears. That dark hair and those clean-cut looks mean he looks like the marrying kind
Snog - Louis Smith. Cheeky looks and he also looks like someone Michael actually snogged at Douchebag one time. Maybe it was him. It was dark.

What’s your favourite current track and will you be playing it at Douchebag?

It's not as twisted as some of the other tracks we play, but we still got dem feels for Lush Life by Zara Larsson.

Finally, we love a bit of gossip here at OutSavvy. Any stories from a night out at Douchebag?

Our friends - who will remain nameless to protect their reputations - deserve a special mention for drinking all the drinks, then heading upstairs only to find nobody was tending the bar. In their thirst for even more booze they grabbed a bottle of something they clearly thought was delicious-looking from behind the bar. One of them took a hefty slug of the stuff, only to be left coughing and spluttering when they discovered it was... chilli oil. Nice. They had to leave in rather a hurry after an intervention from the bouncers, but they've made their peace with the venue and have happily returned to douche several times since.

Douche Bag is at Dalston Superstore, on Friday 24 of March, from 11pm.

Book your advanced ticket right here on OutSavvy.

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