Exclusive Interview: Knickerbocker's Alex Lawless

Knickerbocker: London's premier queer dance party in hackney wick with a brilliant sound system, a mixed crowd and house party vibes!

OutSavvy sat down with organiser & resident DJ Alex Lawless (known for spinning alt-pop, indie dance and more that you might not hear elsewhere) for an exclusive interview:

First off, who came up with the name ‘Knickerbocker’ and why did you decide to run the event?

Me and Aaron wrote a really long list of words on a piece of paper. Several pieces of paper in fact.  When we started we thought there were lots of nights called things like 'dick slap' or whatever, and we wanted to make an inclusive night that appealed to all our queer friends, not just the men. We settled on Knickerbocker cos it's fun to say and after two weeks of durationally arguing over it we had to make a decision. Ultimately marketing deadlines forced our hand.

The first event, how did that go?

The first event was terrifying, our poster was shit and we had no idea what we were doing. A particularly memorable moment was clearing the dance floor with Lily Allen's 'The Fear'. Lily has never made it back onto the track list, God rest her. A highlight was definitely looking out and going 'OMG there are people here! People we don't know!' The first few felt particularly anarchic, no security, people brought their own booze. It's managed to retain some of that wildness though, even as it's got bigger.

What makes the event so popular?

When was the last time you went to a club night and smashed up a laptop with a hammer? Ain't no one competing with us on this level.

Who is Knickerbocker for?

As it says on the door - Everyone is welcome, just don't be a dickhead. We're obviously a queer night, and we work hard to keep it that way, but we're constantly learning. Groups of lairy straight lads will find it very difficult to get in after 11, and we don’t really need them - the last few have been at capacity by 1am. It always fills up early as people come down for the performance.

Any funny stories?

Aaron "allegedly" poured poppers into the smoke machine once? That was interesting, perhaps, rather than funny.

Last but not least, we love a bit of gossip, please share!

Gossip? What happens at Knickerbocker stays at Knickerbocker. To protect the privacy of our a-list (and z-list) clients we don't do the club photography thing, so you can throw all the abstract shapes you want and not have to worry about it the next morning. We've heard of many a dirty Knickerbocker tale along the way. Plenty of dark corners!

Knickerbocker Good Friday is at The Yard Theatre (Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane, E9 5EN) Friday April 14th, 10:00pm. Book your ticket here.

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