It's Summer '85 – it’s time for the Hamilton High Prom. Everyone is busy getting dates for the night, picking the perfect dress and wondering if they'll get past first base up at The Point. What they don't know is that the school is built on an ancient burial ground, a Dead Prom Queen has just been reincarnated and there is a serial killer stalking the halls. But the Prom must go on!

PopHorror will be bringing horror movie madness and pop music fab-ness to the Bethnal Green Working Men's club, with a host of performing talent. Hormones and telekinetic powers will rage as we crown our Prom King and Queen. We haven’t spiked the punch, just a few heads. It’s your big night, so go slay!


Expect Prom King and Queen crowning; feisty cheerleaders; punchbowl of doom; horror makeovers; killer Queens; terrifying 80s hair; slasher flicks; indifferent teachers; vengeful nerds; dumb jocks; teen angst; gore!


There will be a special dress up station at the club where you can get kitted out for your very own 80s Prom photo. As well as crowning our Prom King and Queen we will also have a Miss Living Dead award for our favourite horror costume!


Will you make it out alive for the summer holidays?



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Horror Prom!
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London
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