In conversation with Miss Hope Springs - the legendary star, back in London this Christmas

Julian Cary calls her a 'Tragi-comic genius' and Jonathan Ross ‘Fabulously talented’ – so it was with some awe and trepidation that OutSavvy recently sat down with the award winning internationally acclaimed composer, lyricist, pianist, singer and comedienne Miss Hope Springs to tell us about her stellar career and forthcoming Christmas Shows.  We should not have worried, as Miss Springs, one time star of the Pink Pelican in Las Vegas before it was dynamited in 1972, soon put us at ease with her fabulous star power, charisma and fascinating stories as she served us decaf coffee and vegan cupcakes in her Dungeness camper van home.

Miss Hope Springs, we are honoured and delighted that you have taken time away from your glittering and hectic schedule to talk to OutSavvy, today.
So, the first question is – just who is the real Miss Hope Springs, the woman behind the show business legend, and how did you get your start?

Who is the woman behind this glittering facade? She’s plain old Helen O’Flaherty Sprinchitz. Born Paradise Las Vegas some time in the middle part of the last century. Scrape the surface of my dazzling marquee-bulbed showbiz facade and what you get is…more dazzling marquee-bulbed showbiz facade. My mother Rusty Springs (the famous exotic dancer) brought me up,a single parent, in Paradise Nevada…which is a trailer park. Times were tough and I was home schooled. That means she locked me in the trailer with some crayons and a bottle of morphine-based cough linctus when she went to work. Luckily there was an old Hammond Organ in the corner (and usually as high as a kite) I taught myself to play it. My big break came when I was discovered at the age of 16 by jazz legend Ray Charles. He picked me up…I mean out in the street and got me a job playing the piano and singing in the Starlight Lounge just off the main Vegas drag. I used to do all the old standards - But then I started writing songs and I wrote songs for all the greats - Perry Como, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee...They just never sang any of them.


I hope you will not be offended by this next question… but our research tells us you have made some good and not so good career choices over your many illustrious years on stage


Life, any life, is full of good and bad choices and along the way we all have our ups and downs. I’ve enjoyed going up but I’ve also enormously enjoyed going…anyway. Next question?


Also, you have, how shall we put it, had quite a few loves, although perhaps misplaced. Which ones in particular stand out for you over the decades? 


I’m not sure what you mean by misplaced? Of course I’ve always been deeply attractive and left a trail of broken hearts wherever I have gone, but Liberace was the love of my life. I didn’t get anywhere with him for some reason. Also Sir Noel Coward  who was just too shy to make advances…and Barry Manilow who we all used to call Mandy. I guess they are possessed of the same understated masculine energy that really does something for me. My husband Irving has it too. He and his hairdresser pal Carlos share the bottom bunk of the camper van we all live in and we rub along pretty well to be honest. I suspect Carlos might be…how can I put it… ‘a little light in his loafers’ but he’s very handy helping with fixing my stage wear outfits (which I still have from when I was performing at the Pink Pelican Casino back in the 60s) and he washes and sets my wi…I mean my hair divinely.



Now tell us about the Christmas Show, what can your public expect on the night? 


My Christmas show is a chance to revisit my 1971 Granada TV special Christmas A Gogo (to this day considered an unaired classic). I sing songs from my all original festive songbook such as Santa is a Woman, Christmas Calypso and Paper Snow. Paper Snow was set to be the big hit of 1972….But it wasn’t. So yes, its all too seasonal for words. As well as the piano, I even play the glockenspiel as I take you on a trip down a snowy memory lane…Potholes and all! Who knows, after an egg nog or two I may even spill the beans on a Hollywood scandal or two.


Sounds wonderfully festive and will get us in the mood for the holiday season.

And finally do you have a message of hope for your adoring fans at this time of year? 


Yes I do.  Say no to drugs unless they are mind altering sedatives, which I personally swear by. Switch off your mobile devices when you come to the theatre. Dont play with them during a show for else. It’s a live performance darling-you may not get out much..but in live theatre you can hear and see me and I can hear and see you too! So zip it! And lastly please think about all God’s creatures when it comes to that festive lunch or dinner. Try Tofurky for a cruelty-free festive alternative. My closenal (close-personal friend) Barbra Streisand turned me on to it back in Beverly Hills in the 60s. Delicious with pan-friend sprouts and a drizzle of real imitation maple syrup.


Miss Hope Springs is appearing in Christmas A Gogo at The 2 Brewers, Clapham Dec 8th



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