It’s autumn. The leaves are turning a gorgeous russet.  The nights are drawing in. Halloween is coming. Surely there can be no better way to celebrate this most mystical, primeval pagan time of the year, than spending a night immersed in all things Kate Bush, the embodiment of the ethereal and the magical. 

‘She is the chief witch,’ says John Sizzle, co-owner of The Glory and self proclaimed major ‘fan boy’ as he sets out for us, plans for Sensual World, Homage To The Works Of Kate Bush.

The Glory, the leading Queer cabaret/performance/disco-bar in East London is going to be the destination to make for, this Halloween weekend. John and many of The Glory regulars are putting on a truly spectacular evening of all things Kate Bush on Friday 27th October.

Expect live interpretations from a host of Kate Bush devotees.  A night of light and dark, sight and sound, song, colour and evocative pagan décor will bring alive the very best of the Queen of eclectic, theatrical pop.

John ‘Babushka’ Sizzle will no doubt find a fitting gold lame dress; Oberon White, Glory’s resident keeper of all things Wicca, will be performing, as will Gwen de Loon, Rodent Decay, Jacob Aria, Jacqui Potato, Fagulous and Dan ‘Barbs’ McBride. So, it won’t be just a night of ‘Wuthering Heights’ in a shrill voice… although we are bound to get a spine tingling rendition, no doubt.

Space downstairs in the cabaret is limited to only 70 patrons. Afterwards, (if you miss out on the performance tickets), there is much more room for the party to carry on into the small hours with the playing of many Kate Bush works, and more guest appearances. Annie Lenox and Siouxsie Sioux might sneak in a few songs as well.

This is a night for true lovers of Kate Bush, queer performance, great music, spectacle and trademark Glory fun. Above all, the performances will add new insight to the work of the ‘Chief Witch’, an unforgettable celebration this Halloween.

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Sensual World - Homage to the works of Kate Bush
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