La Voix in residence - glamorous cabaret is back!

OutSavvy was delighted to sit down with the internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Diva, La Voix ahead of her next show at her regular residence, Crazy Coq at the glittering Zedel Brasserie around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. La Vox delivers sound alike singing performances of some of the world's biggest Divas such as Cher, Liza Minelli, Shirley Bassey & Judy Garland mixed in with hilarious comedy.

Miss La Voix, can you tell us a bit about how you got started; how you got your show biz break? 

Being a massive fan of old time music legends and musicals, I witnessed, when growing up, the slow demise of variety entertainment, good quality television and good cabaret venues. The rise of reality TV swept the nation. What had entertainment become? Do we really want to watch Coleen Nolan eating her breakfast on primetime, let alone Carol Vorderman  trying to swallow parts of an ostrich that she can't even spell. Therefore, I set out to bring back the glamour and true quality of cabaret variety. I wanted nothing but the best. From dresses to musicians, I sort the A-Team. I started humbly in the world famous Madame Jojos appearing with my own Saturday night show, along side two other talented divas. 9 changes per show and 8 years doing it, and with packed houses, I had learnt my craft at a grass roots level. My real big break has to be ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. This really helped me to achieve the next goal, bringing back variety entertainment to our TV sets. It may have been a short few minutes for many, but for me it launched me to new heights which I still push for. If I was a hoop jumping Schitzu maybe I would have won it. 

Well, congratulations on reaching the semi finals, what was the competition experience like?

It was so much fun and the whole of ITV embraced the glamorous image I wanted to portray, covering me in more Swarovskis  than a Liberace handbag and building me an illuminated staircase, even Joan Collins at the Oscars would have struggled to keep up. Simon Cowell even stopped by my dressing room for advice begging for me to make him more classically stylish. Sadly, I closed the door to my trailer, he was beyond help. 

And ‘Ab Fab, the Movie’, just how much ‘Bolly Stolly’ did you get to drink  - and wow so many Divas in one film, did you all manage to get along alright?

Wasn't that a surprise for you all, me popping up in a movie with the likes of Kate moss and Jennifer Saunders.  We all got along perfectly and had such a great time. The fun and giggles that we all have watching something like Ab Fab, was even more hysterical and fun on set even between takes. My favourite memory of that experience was the premiere. At the star studded theatre in Leicester Square awaiting the film, refreshments were provided, but get this: Bollinger was free all night and being served by the case load, but the popcorn was £3. I loved Jennifer Saunders order of priorities there.

Now, tell us about your residence at Crazy Coq, and in particular tell us what to expect from ‘La Voix meets Christopher Biggins’ – have you worked together before?

Crazy coqs is a divine decadent a. ‘Haven’ for that past era of quality cabaret I was mentioning earlier.  We see so little of this nowadays. The small tables with the lamps on, the darkly lit room, the grand piano and clinks of champagne and cocktail glasses, I feel at home. I adore my residencies there and being able to explore my world of divas, music and comedy alongside an audience who is sat on your every word wanting live entertainment. It keeps me on my toes. 

The evening with Christopher Biggins will be the first of my "La Voix meets" series of shows. It's an audience interactive evening with some amazing British legends. I will be interviewing Biggins live, chatting everything from Rocky horror picture show to I'm a celebrity. Also the audience have the opportunity to ask Biggins questions face to face. A no holds barred opportunity to ask and listen to this amazingly dazzling career and trust me he can talk and talk and talk. Thow in a few numbers maybe even a duet and it's going to be a unique evening of showbiz chat, music and comedy. Well, if his stories aren't that juicy, I'm sure I'll be spilling a few secret anecdotes from my own career. 

Can we expect some audience participation with some numbers from Rocky Horror Show?

Do you really need to ask, or wouldn't be rocky horror without Audience partici........pation

And finally Miss La Voix, we know that you love all your Divas you perform but is there a particular role model? If so who is it and why?

My Role model has to be the Bassey! Who doesn't want their name to be mentioned and on a global scale -  all everyone thinks about is diamonds and ostrich plumes galore. Heaven! Shirley Bassey has kept clear of scandal and addictions and has done nothing to ruin this image. 

Another diva woman who I adored and was lucky to do pantomime with was Cilla Black. A woman who was rarely seen without a glass of champagne in her hand and with a wicked sense of humour.

I asked her once if she enjoyed Panto, she said " as long as it pays for me to be able to go immediately to Barbados with cliff Richard after for a holiday, then who's not to love it". I was finished.

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