LDN Gaymers founder Yusif chats with OutSavvy

Hi Yusif, thanks for chatting with us today about your group LDN Gaymers and your Pride Party. Firstly, for those who haven’t attended one of your events can you give us some more details about the LDN Gaymers group?

Hello Outsavvy! Thank you for taking the time out to chat to us! 

LDN Gaymers is just simply a group of friends who really enjoyed each other’s company and wanted to develop and foster similar bonds with other people of the same interests. It’s a group that provides a safe and fun space for LGBTQ+ people to go and socialise with other “gaymers”. 


OutSavvy came to one of your events and found it to be one of the most open and friendly groups in London, great job! What made you decide to start this group?

Aw, that’s so sweet of you! Very happy you had a great time! We all just wanted one place to organise events for each other and LDN Gaymers just grew as more people got interested in coming to our monthly gaming nights. It grew too big to have in any one of our houses! 


What really pushed our growth and going public was realising how hard it was to find friends that were into gaming. We all know how hard it can be to meet likeminded people in London - despite its huge gay community, it can often be difficult for LGBTQ+ people to make lasting friendships if you do not fit the mould. This can be very lonely which is something that no LGBTQ+ or anyone else for that matter should feel. There is a community and family out there for you!


Your Pre-Pride party is on the 10th June. What can we expect from the party?

Gaming cocktails and a lot of style! Be expected to dance and game! We’ll have speakers from Pride in London who have helped us during Pride month, who will be coming in to say a few words on how communities and fundraisers like this has helped and why we continue to keep pushing for Pride in our community. We’ll have body painters and prizes to give away! Any gamer would be silly to miss it. 


Sounds fab! Do you consider Pride to be an important event for the LGBT+ community?

I do. I believe that pride is a protest and in such times where our allies across the world are facing such severe discrimination it is now more important than ever to unite as humans and rally against the injustices others who are less fortunate than us who live elsewhere. We’re so lucky to live in such a tolerant country. Once you’re there in that crowd, you can just feel the love, it’s glorious!


What other events does your group run besides the monthly meet-up?

We have plenty! Ranging from convention days out, our monthly meet up on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, Ultimate Geek Quiz which is on the 2nd Thursday of every month and our Pop-Up Cinema on the last Sunday of every month. We have occasional cinema trips too usually go once or twice a month! Then we have our LDN Gaymers Active group which consists of events ranging from archery tag, laser quest, bouldering, axe throwing etc. This tends to happen usually around the first week of every month!


What’s your favourite video game of all time? Nothing can beat Mario Kart surely..?

Ah that’s a tough one! I’d have to say as a RPG fan (role playing game) I’d have to say Secret of Mana which was the first game I actually ever played and made me realise my love for gaming. Obviously as years have gone, I’ve gone from Final Fantasy 7 to Mortal Kombat and now Overwatch! 


Fantastic, we can’t wait to get our geek on and see you at the party!

Bring your cute friends! (just kidding but no really, do bring them haha).

Get your tickets for the LDN Gaymers Pre Pride event here: LDN Gaymers Pre Pride Party Tickets

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