LIPSYNC1000 2018 Grand Finale - Europe's wildest Drag Queen Battle is back

The excitement is mounting. The grand finale of LIPSYNC1000 - the drag queen lipsynching Battle Royale – the biggest showdown of it’s kind in Europe, is fast approaching, on Wednesday July 11th – The prize £1000! 

Such is the audience demand this year, that this most Queer East London of shows has had a mega shot of collagen and is migrating from it’s home at the Glory to the 1000 capacity Clapham Grand.

Presided over by the legendry ‘Queen of the Lips’ herself, Jonny Woo, we decided to purse our lips and ask a few questions about what Lipsync1000 is all about and why it has such an avid following.

So, to the uninitiated, what is LIPSYNC1000 and how did you come up with the idea?

The contest started in 2004 at Bistroteque as silly fun but quickly became East London's definitive drag tournament. People like A Man To Pet, Spanky and Dickie Beau all came through the contest. When The Glory open in 2014 we relaunched it as LIPSYNC1000 and it just keeps on growing, with over 100 contestants this year.

Who are the contestants – is there an X Factor Simon Cowell style audition; how do you enter the competition? There are heats that lead up to the big night, right?

There's no audition - anyone can just email us and enter a Heat, which is what makes it so edgy and exciting. The Heats are in effect the auditions - because it's all about the Grand Final! We do have judges, but we avoid that 'X Factor' vibe - our judges range from fashion designers, to underground comedians to just bonkers East London celebrities like Mzz Kimberley and Princess Julia.  But for the Grand Final we have BIG CELEBRITY judges.

Can you tell us who the celeb judges are? 

I can't say who yet, but last year we had Graham Norton down with Grace Dent, it was fab. We meet various celebrities throughout the year - when The Glory tours festivals, or when the venue gets hired out for parties - like Burberry hired out The Glory for a Christmas party, and sometimes we just meet someone and go 'They'd be PERFECT for Lipsync!"

What are some of the highlights over the last years – are there ever any, err, disagreements between the judges and the performers or does everyone get along nice…?

Oh there's always drama! It's a drag battle for Christ sakes! But I oversee the judging at Heats level to make sure the winners are always nice, and above all - gifted, because it's a big show! The Grand in Clapham is 1200 capacity so you need to put on a show darling! Sometimes certain judges disagree over their favourites - but then we take it to the points!

Who are hot favourites we should watch out for this year?

This year is the most diverse ever - there's a few girls in the finale, or 'bio queens', there are trans queens in the final, there are I think 5 POC queens, there's also a hilarious gaggle of heavyweights from last year - hungry for the £1000 cash prize - and there's also a bunch of new wannabes .. it's going to MEGA!

And finally, do you have any tips for aspiring lip-syncers out there?  

You know what, just get out of your bedrooom and bloody do it! And don't worry about contouring - nobody cares. Think outside the box and just entertain people! Also - keep it short and sweet, after 3 minutes you really need to fight to keep people's attention. Also I love a reveal, of course, and I like to see the 'falling apart' .. Imperfection is beautiful. 

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