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LEO was formed in December 2012 by musical director Dario Peluso and orchestra manager Celia Talbot, who share a huge passion for performing arts with Celia's background being in theatre and Dario's musical talent. LEO is made up of a fun, dedicated group of people from completely varied backgrounds: from full-time musicians to students, doctors, lawyers, policemen, charity-workers, bankers, teachers, scientists and journalists, all with musical talent and passion in common. This modern, dynamic orchestra is quickly gaining momentum in the London music scene, expanding its repertoire from classical to romantic and 20th Century music.

With the anticipation building for LEO's next concert, Saturday 18th March at St Paul's Church, we are going to introduce you to 3 members with a series of profiles, and of course a dollop of gossip for pudding.

Name Peter Conlon

Occupation Quantitative Finance

Hometown Reading, but living in London for 8 years.

Hobbies & Interests As well as playing in LEO I play in a string quartet. Playing music is the best way I found to relax. Outside music I enjoy skiing and watching rugby.

When did you join LEO and what is your role in the orchestra I joined in September 2014 and have been principal viola until this year.

Highlight so far Our charity concert in Summer 2016, we partnered with a choir to raise money for the humanitarian work in Syria. The concert was really moving, and we raised money for an important cause. Another time, I loved performing the Saint-Saens organ symphony - when the organ comes in during the last movement it's a great surprise and the audience all turned to look.

Gossip/fun fact about (one of) your band member(s) I recently learnt to play the bell suit, 15 tuned bells attached to my onesie.

Name Hannah Fleming

Occupation Music lawyer

Hometown London

Hobbies & Interests Music, travel, arts, tennis, food, wine

When did you join LEO and what is your role in the orchestra I joined the orchestra about three years ago and play in the first violins.

Highlight so far I am looking forward to playing Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony for the first time at the upcoming concert on 18 March.

Gossip/fun fact about (one of) your band member(s) I wish I had more gossip to share!

Name Toby Gilles

Occupation Sports Commentator/Journalist

Hometown London!

Hobbies and interests Lots of people at work can’t believe I like playing classical music. One told me recently “it’s very unusual to meet someone who loves sport to this extent but who also has a hobby so culturally different as playing music.” I love being different - which may explain my other hobby: horology. I love the study of time and watches.

I’m also interested in random facts - especially about language. Did you know the word ‘escape’ comes from the days when cavemen wore capes for warmth? If one committed a crime he’d be chased and often the first thing they’d catch would be his cape, which he’d remove to get away. He would “ex-cape”, which became escape!

When did you join LEO and what is your role in the orchestra I joined LEO 18 months ago. My role is to blow the French Horn loudly, try to get the right notes, often get the wrong notes, laugh at myself for it, laugh at others for doing similar and shout bad jokes (which few find funny), at conductor Dario.

Highlight so far Highlight would definitely be playing Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol. It’s one of my favourite pieces of music. That concert proved to me that I could get back to a decent level of playing after 12 years without picking up an instrument.

Gossip/fun fact about (one of) your band member(s) One of my band members is a doctor and has seen some of the most disgusting things you can think of (I know this as I regularly think of conditions and ask if it’s disgusting), and isn’t fazed by them. She is, however, fazed by the nature of some of the discussions I have with a third member on our Whatsapp group. This, in my book, is something to be proud of.

Don't miss London Euphonia Orchestra's next concert, Saturday 18th March, 19:30, at St Paul's Church.

More info & tickets here

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