New update to the app - whats in version 2.5?

Our brand new app has just gone live (version 2.5) and what a stonker of an update it is. Some big changes have happened to our events page, in fact it’s a complete redesign, making it easy to filter and find all those lovely LGBT events. When you sign in with your OutSavvy account or your Facebook account you are taken directly to the new homepage. From there the little filter in the top right hand corner allows you to filter by date or by category (and very soon by city but more details of that coming very soon....)

We have also given the app a sprinkle (well more of a splash) of colour. The event listings have also had a bit of a redesign to give you more information before you need to tap through to an event.

Our lovely little blog, The Buzz, has also been updated to make it easier to scroll through the content with only the most up-to-date articles displayed and also try out our new search (you can access it from the updated left hand menu). It now searches as you type and puts the most relevant events to the top of the list.

So update your app now on the app store to get all the latest changes or if you have yet to join (what are you waiting for!) just search OutSavvy in the app store search and up we pop. Don’t forget that your tickets are stored securely on the app as well for super easy entry. Printing is so last season.

As always we love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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