Outbox Theatre presents: And the rest of me floats - the messy business of gender

Recently, OutSavvy had the opportunity to drop into a rehearsal room at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama to watch director Ben Buratta and cast, devise and workshop And The Rest of Me Floats, opening on September 12th.

This is a new show by Outbox Theatre, who mesemerised us last year with Affection.
And The Rest Of Me Floats
 is all about the messy business of gender.

Working with performers from across the trans*, non-binary, lesbian and gay communities, Outbox Theatre examine the ways in which gender is questioned, categorised, and policed (often violently so).

And The Rest Of Me Floats is devised by the company and weaves together autobiographical performance, movement, pop songs, stand-up and dress-up in an anarchic celebration of the body that refuses to conform.

This show couldn’t come at a more relevant time - a Stonewall-commissioned survey in 2017 tells us that almost half of trans pupils in the UK have attempted to take their own lives and hate crime towards the LGBTQ community is on the rise. In their inimitable style, acclaimed theatre company Outbox take an unflinching look at how gender impacts the queer body. Expect bold, exciting and experimental theatre made by an extra-fierce company of talented performers.  

Performer Yasmin Zadeh says: “As a professional lesbian actress it is rare to find work that represents my identity. Growing up I was often confused by my sexuality and my gender and how they work together.  This show gives me the opportunity to share stories from my past (like the time I convinced all the kids down my street I was a boy called Max!) as well as finding new ways to express the complex ways in which my gender continues to affect my life.”

Performer Elijah Harris says: “As a trans person and an actor, it is important part of my practise to work with the lived experience of transitioning and constant shifts of gender identity. It is an ongoing and very present process.  

And that is exactly what Outbox allows me to do, we explore ourselves, together. We are determined to be visible.”

Already, sitting at the rehearsal on that sweltering afternoon, I could sense the energy and the passion generated by the cast. I am sure this will be entertaining and thought provoking. I look forward to seeing the performance and urge you to do the same.

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