OutSavvy attends Affection from Outbox Theatre

OutSavvy recently teamed up with the lovely girls and guys from Outbox Theatre to offer tickets to their latest play Affection at the rather fabulous The Glory. The tickets completely sold out, both direct and on OutSavvy, for the whole run and OutSavvy was lucky enough to attend one of the performances.

This is the first play we had seen from Outbox Theatre so we went in with an open mind and the play turned out to be completely different to what we imagined. To say we were blown away by the story, the production values, the acting, lighting and sound would be an understatement. This theatre company is really one to keep your eye on!

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  1. Paul Dunstone

    It is so good! One of the best plays I have seen ina long time. Shame it is sold out in London!

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