OutSavvy Chats With Baby Lame

OutSavvy sat down with Baby Lame to discuss the next Shit Show and about life performing on the scene. 

Hey Baby Lame. We love a shit show! Tell us what we can expect at the next one?

Just when you think the world couldn't get more shit... it does. Shit Show is all about coming together, and releasing the shit of life! Once again I have scoured the country for the craziest, dirtiest and more most fearless performers... no Shit Show is ever the same or predictable, but I can 100% guarantee a night of challenging, exciting and fun performance. Despite appearances I take the curation of the Shit Show VERY seriously - the performers on my stage excel in their fields and are the fucking real deal!

Where on earth do you find all these unusual acts?

I search high and low across all sorts of different performance nights - the great thing about Shit Show is I don't care about a performers status in the drag/cabaret world... its about being able to create a reaction or feeling in a 5 minute period. If someone impresses me, but has little expereince - fine! This isn't a money making project, I just want to deliver the best show I can!

Sounds amazing, we will be there with bells and whistles on. Now tell us, where did the name Baby Lame come from? 

Baby Lame originally started as a tribute act to Bette Davis's Baby Jane character in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' -  but that was an incredible Lame idea and through years of performance my act has gradually become more and more rubbish. I hate it when people think of Lame in the glam fabric kind of way... I am LAME like a dog!

How long have you been on this crazy scene?

I started around 5 years ago - but don't get it twisted, I have worked this scene and paid my dues! I have done every single free/shitty gig going! A particular favourite was when I did a pre-show to a sex party... the poor audience were so horned up, they didn't care about what I was doing - they all just wanted to mount each other!

Where else can OutSavvy peeps see you in action doing what you do best?

I am incredibly lucky to be involved with two amazing nights Mariah and Friendz and Pop Horror. I MC at Mariah and Friendz, and can truthfully say it is one of the most unshameably fun and inclusive nights currently happening in London -  next one is and election special on June 3rd at BGWMC! I have also been hosting Pop Horror for the last year, its such a unique and inventive night that really holds a special place dear up my asshole (I have no heart). Check out Pop Horror this summer because it is taking over London with a whole host host of exciting events!

Who are your favourite acts on the scene at the moment?

My ultimate favourites at the moment are David Hoyle and Christeene -  both artists are truly fearless with their performances, they create intelligent and frankly fucking scary work that constantly challenges....everything from gender, politics to personal hygiene!

You love audience participation (we should know, we have been victimised ourselves). What is the most embarrassing audience encounter you have ever had?

Well I don't know about embarrassing... but I often end up making out with guys in the audience! One of my favourite acts involves me channeling my inner Pamela Anderson circa the Baywatch years, I will 'save' a male audience member and then bring him back to life via mouth to mouth.... lets just say many have come back for seconds and a certain part of them seems to be very alive! (I must have skills!)

And finally, in these tough times, do you have any words of inspiration for the OutSavvy community?

We all have differences, but remember we all shit - let us unite in that, at least.

Grab your tickets to the next Shit Show at The Glory right here:

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