The Phoenix Artist Club - The West End’s Hidden Gem celebrates a milestone birthday

The Phoenix Artist Club is 30. However, age is just a number, after all, and Colin Savage co–owner with his partner Ken Wright, don’t want celebrations to focus on the past, because this place is as vibrant (if not more so) today as when it opened its doors back in 1988.

There is much that makes this The West End's 'Hidden Gem'. There are the many and varied, polished cabraret shows performed nightly in atmospheric surroundings, displaying treasured show-biz memorabilia. Then there is a great bar with award winning food. However, above all, when you descend into this basement venue, you immediately get a feeling you have arrived somewhere truly unique, a place that thrives still, while so much of Soho and the West End have become overpriced, bland ‘samey-chainy’ tourist traps.

This kind of venue, once not uncommon around these parts has all but disappeared.  The story of how Colin and Ken came to run The Phoenix Artist Club sounds like the plot of a fabulous West End show, worthy of a glittering staging in this place, itself. Colin, himself in the entertainment business (and not averse some nights to standing up and serenading the crowd), was always a regular and got very friendly with the owner, Maurice Hibbert, a legendary, larger than life character. With his passing, (where have all the Soho eccentrics gone, alas), imagine Colin and Ken’s surprise when they were left the place to run as an independently owned and operated going concern in Maurice’s will. 

Ten years on, Colin and his engaging team, have sought to keep faithful to the original idea that made this club so special while infusing dynamism and vigour today. Without doubt, they have ensured this place continues to be as popular as ever, a warm and welcoming favourite for performer and patron alike.

Phoenix Artist Club is technically a member’s club. However, for the price of a monthly Netflix subscription, membership can be yours – and if you have just booked to see a show, maybe Vanity Von Glow on Sundays or Keith Kat Klub on Tuesdays then you are covered for the evening.

So, Happy Birthday Phoenix Artist Club - 30 years young but, hey, who’s counting?

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