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The Sex Shells, starring Calum Mac, Dom Top, Le Strange and That Girl Rosie, are back at The Glory for a gruesomely gorgeous Halloween Special. Here’s everything you need to know about the self-described “gay sketch comedy with crabs”:

Why the name ‘the Sex Shells’?
Calum Mac:
 Originally the name ‘Sex Shells’ came from the first sketch we ever performed, involving someone finding a shell on the beach, picking it up and accidentally hearing two people having a sexual conversation through the shell.
Dom Top: We wanted a name that would confuse every single promoter we ever met and be really, really hard to say when you’re drunk. SHEX SELLZ!

What’s the biggest asset of each Shell?
Le Strange:
 Rambling, period hair with room for a pony.
That Girl Rosie: My fingers.
CM: I play an excellent northern bimbo.
DT: My bum (I’m serious, just look at it), Le Strange’s hair, Calum’s accent and Rosie’s lighted music stand.

Most memorable moment so far?
 Headlining the cabaret tent at Latitude Festival as part of Jonny Woo’s The Glory showcase. Huge.
LS: Leading the first ever Channel Islands pride parade in an open-topped bus with a Shirley Bassey impersonator and a dog.
DT: When Calum broke his collarbone and Rosie was AWOL, Le Strange and I made a brave artistic decision to try and perform one of our monthly shows at The Glory using blow-up dolls as their stand-ins. I won’t forget that any time soon.
TGR: We were playing a gig at the Shacklewell Arms and during the interval this girl came up to me and was like, "you guys are so funny, I pissed myself laughing." And then she pointed to a big puddle on the dance floor. "No, really," she said. "That's not beer." It turned out she really had pissed herself laughing.

Why can’t we miss the Halloween special?
LS: Because you'll miss the Halloween Special.
CM: You can’t miss this year’s Halloween special because, after our hit Halloween show last year, we’re scarier than ever before.
DT: Because if you do miss it, you’re banned from East London. Actually, you’ll be banned from anywhere within the M25. So there.
TGR: The only way to lift the curse is to come to the Halloween Special…

Can you give us a little teaser about the show?
 We can’t tell you too much, but this show will be a mix of Rihanna, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queen, Shirley Bassey, horror movie classics, the GAY-B-Cs of death and lots of zombies.
LS: I will have a magic bean hidden somewhere about my person
DT: We’re gonna sing some stuff.

What’s the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?
The best Halloween outfit I ever wore was as (slutty) Jesus a few years ago.

LS: Although I am basically in a state of perma-Halloween (I spent a year dressed as Elizabeth as a child), one of my Halloween highs was my oil-slick outfit.
DT: In last year’s show, we dressed up as a giant three-headed dog. It was actually just a piece of black material wrapped around us. Nobody knew though!

Gossip, gossip, gossip!
 Gossip? How about we’re all brilliant and not completely against going home with audience members.
LS: One of us is a real mollusc.
DT: On our first night on tour at Brighton Fringe this summer, we managed to get banned from every gay bar in the city. I’m quite proud of that.

The Sex Shells Halloween Special at The Glory (281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS)
Friday 28th October, 8.00pm. To book tickets click

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