SEX/CRIME - We preview Alexis Gregory’s startling original new ‘gay thriller’

Two gay men meet to re-create the crimes of a gay serial killer – for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

Queer theatre that is disturbing, thought provoking and above all different is what you will get with Sex/Crime, Alexis Gregory’s startling new play - a gay thriller – if you will.

Alexis, co-starring with Jonny Woo, not only a musical performer of note, but a charismatic stage actor, provide an electrifying evening in the basement of the Glory, East London’s noted queer performance space, throughout April.

Out in the ‘real world’ there seems to be a horrifying ‘normalising’ of casual sexual abuse and violence – think about the number of murders in London already this year. On any level, Sex/Crime provides a timely look about who we are and how we live our lives in this current state.

In conversation with Alexis, he tells us that the play explores the breakdown of morality, both societal and personal. Sex/Crime takes a hard look at the glamourising and fetishising of sex and violence and the way in which it has been so shamelessly portrayed in popular culture over the years - think Al Pacino in the film ‘Cruising.’

Alexis has sought to write a play with challenging queer content, broad humour and sharp one liners, throughout - bringing to the fore, under-represented characters and unheard stories.

Alexis adds, ‘We are living in a climate of fear, and with Sex/Crime we are hoping to push as far as we can go.’

We had a sneak-peek when this was workshopped a couple of month ago – and are excited to see the play, now in its full theatrical form. Actually, to be honest we found the play at times uncomfortable, even a bit scary – as well as shocking, and very funny too! It is not often that you are entertained in such a way and we think the subterranean surroundings of the Glory are a perfect setting.

The play is directed by the experienced, award winning, Robert Chevera who has had many successful productions in London and around the World. Partnered with Alexis’s intelligent witty writing, and astonishing performances from the two, Sex/Crime is an important new play that deserves a wide audience.

(photo credit: Aaron Bergmann)  


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