Spike from The Drama Queens Drag Theatre chats with OutSavvy

Hi Spike, thank you for taking the time to chat with OutSavvy today. The Drama Queens Drag Theatre Company returns on the 28th June with Queer’lesque. Can you give us a brief history of the Drama Queens?


Titti La Camp and I both founded the company in July 2009. We wanted to create a group that brought together profession drag performers, keen amateurs and novices in one company, to encourage more performers to the drag scene. Titti had already started 'Drag Idol’, which has grown in number of applicants, year after year, so we knew, there was a wealth of talent & lots of enthusiasm to perform, but unless you win, there wasn’t any opportunity to continue to develop performance & stage skills or learn about the art of drag, so really we were trying to fill that void and as we have an open door policy with casting workshops for each show, we welcome everyone, no matter of style of level of experience as the company is a mixture of professionals who mentor and train others, so everyone learns difference skills whilst performing.


What a great initiative. Moving onto your next show, what can we expect from Queer’lesque?


The DQ’s are going back to our lip syncing roots in this special tribute production to some of our LGBTQI icons, legends, heroes, queers and freaks that made us proud and helped many to come out of the closet singing. The show really is a celebration, a kind of 'Queer Follies', where the ghosts from our glorious queer past of 50 years, unite for a final reunion before the Grand Victorian 'Queer’lesque Theatre' is demolished to make way for a multi-storey, as sadly the asset of community value wasn’t enough to prevent it from being bulldozed and another Queer space being lost forever...

Queer’lesque is a two act extravaganza with well known founding members and some new members.


The show is performed in Pulse which promises to be a unique venue. Can you tell us how that came about?


Well after moving from The Black Cap to what should have been a short temporary home at The Two Brewers, we stayed for three wonderful award winning years before taking a break. With the closing of so many venues it was hard to find somewhere permanent for the company. I approached Mark and James at XXL, Club Pulse who were very enthusiastic about having a community theatre group based at and perform in such a marvellous venue. The venue has a back wall LED screen, which allows us to upgrade our productions value, so by using more projections and visuals to add to the entire experience. 

Do you write the shows yourselves?


Sort of, as the shows are usually based on something existing , a ‘spoof version of’,  an alternative version of a ‘mash up‘ of several well known musical show. The majority of our shows are complete lip syncing productions, cleverly edited together both dialogue and music, it does takes HOURS. It's probably the reason why a lot of people don't do it these days, but it’s an art form in its self in its creation. I do write ‘live shows’, these tend to be our adult pantomime, as they require more interaction with the audience , so have to be more fluid and able to adapt to each unique shows audience reactions, full of 'adult material’, some hysterical moments and have led to us wining two gold and one silver BOYZ scene awards for best Pantomime.


And finally what are your plans after this show?


Well, next we’ll looking to mark what will be the Drama Queen 8th Birthday celebration, as we started with a Halloween show,

It will be a new horror musical spectacular, followed by our 4th alternative ‘live’ adult Panto around December.

Thank you OutSavvy for the chat, all future Drama Queens shows and tickets will be available on your site, so thank you for making us feel so welcome…

Happy Pride XX

You can buy tickets for QUEER'LESQUE right here:


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