THE FEMS hit the Glory Bouffon in the Basement November 20 and 21

If you thought IT was the scariest clown in town then you need to meet the IT GIRLS of queer theatre. If you’re masc4masc you better beware.

The FEMS are a garish explosion of flamingo monsters who come to party, to play and to destroy toxic masculinity one comedy sketch at a time.

This flock of glamorous outcasts, fresh from the sequined swamp, present a kamikaze cabaret and monstrous melodrama. THE FEMS – terrifying embodiments of femininity – take us on a glittering tour to show that “sometimes it’s hard to be a Fem” – but the alternative is even grimmer.

Taking over the basement of The Glory for two nights they’re welcoming anyone with a limp wrist or sassy lisp, and throwing down the gauntlet to the fragile machos- come see our show. We’ll make you laugh, make you think, make you feel and send you out into the night a better human.

The Fems are brought to you by House of Idiot, a performance collective and also make a safe space for the clowns of London to come try out their most delightfully stupid dreams (Wednesday, 8pm, Market House Pub, Brixton).

Conceived, cajoled, coerced, scrapbooked, written and directed by Jonathan Richardson

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THE FEMS at The Glory
The Glory, London
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