The Man Behind Daddy Issues: Ollywood

Ollywood is the man behind Daddy Issues. We just had to find out if he has any Daddy issues himself and how this hot new party in East London came about.

First off, do you have any Daddy Issues we can help you out with?
Haha, I'm actually lucky enough to have a very loving and supportive Daddy. He follows Daddy Issues on Instgaram and likes everything we post. I think he'd love to come but he just doesnt stay up late enough.

We’ve heard you’re one of London’s favourite hosts. Which other parties are you working with or have you worked with before Daddy Issues?
There was a time a few years ago where I was everywhere. I was doing up to 3 parties a week. I did EVERYTHING from Room Service to Sink the Pink, Meat, Trade, I had about 3 different monthly parties just at Eastbloc. Then I took a long break and decided if I was going to work in clubland again it would be on my own terms as there was nothing I hadn't done and I was sick of promoting other peoples nights.

How did Daddy Issues come about?
I had thought about producing a t-shirt line, but I can't draw. Theres tons of kids that call me "Daddy" on Instagram and the whole "Daddy" thing is very on trend right now, so I knew something to do with that would be a hit. Then at the same time Borja Pena (who I run the party with and who I worked with on parties before) came to me with an idea for a party; "Something to do with Daddy's" he said, it felt right, and I knew instantly we needed to make a club that was more than a party, it had to be a 3 dimensional brand with a really strong identity.

What makes you the ultimate host for Daddy Issues?
I think both me and Borja are on the same level with our sense of humour. We've both been around long enough to know clubland is nothing to take too seriously. We've been to parties that think they're super cool or try to be uber sexual and it just feels flat. A strong sense of humour is very important at Daddy Issues. Just be cute.

What can we expect at a Daddy Issues party?
Great music from a really strong DJ line up. New tee's designed for us by @heyrooney free to give away. Free button pin badges and lots of Kamikaze luxe Lube to make the ride home easier!!!!

What sort of crowds does Daddy Issues attract?
I always say there are 3 types of guys that come to Daddy Issues, The first are the daddies themselves. The second are the baby daddies (guys in their late twenties who you can tell are gonna be mega buff daddies one day), and daddy's boys (daddy admirers).

Our favourite thing here at OutSavvy is gossiping. Anything you can share with us?
So much coming. More designs for our insanely popular tees from @heyrooney. We just launched our website with online shop ( Daddy Issues will be doing pop up parties in other cities all over the world, but a regular Daddy Issues party in Los Angeles will be launching early next year.

Daddy Issues is at Tipsy Dalston, 20 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XN this Friday 11 November 10am - 3pm. Book your tickets here.

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