The Rhythm of the 90s - bringing music back to the centre of a great night out

This week we sat down with Aaron and Wayne from House Party London who told us about a new night coming to you this Saturday, 12th.
Rhythm of the 90s! This is a new night, right? So, what inspired you to come up with this idea?

Aaron: For both of us the most important aspect of any night out (apart from the company obviously!) is the music. We’ve both been to some amazing events in some great clubs but when it came to the music, it just didn’t land well. With House Party London we want to put the music right back at the centre of a decent night out and what better place to start than with the 90s!?

Wayne: The 90s was amazing decade for music, even if we didn’t necessarily respect that at the time! We know that there are some great club-nights hosting throwback pop nights and so we didn’t want to try and rip off something that is already working well elsewhere. We both love 90s dance and RnB and we’ve struggled to find any decent nights where the music is given the respect it deserved and not just played ironically at the end of the night.

What is your all-time top 90s sound?

Wayne: For me it’s the overwhelming positivity of the 90s dance sound. From the stabbed piano chords to those almost camp-sounding synths. When you look back at the lyrics of the classic tracks from that decade, they’ll all about love, dancing and being free. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 90s dance is having a resurgence now, in these uncertain times when we could all do with cheering up.

Aaron: I think the 90s have almost two different sounds when it comes to dance; the early 90s stuff had a real 80s influence and then the classic ‘Ibiza years’ towards the end of the decade. I was in secondary school in the late 90s and that was when I really started to get into dance music and started Djing at school discos. It was my first chance to play some of those tracks that I still love playing now, almost 20 years later!

What were the 90s like for you? What were your favourite places to go out?

Aaron: My going out years didn’t start until the 00s as I was too young in the 90s, although when I got my first set of decks when I was 13 (late 90s) I started to DJ at parties for family and friends. I remember my mates had paper rounds and I was DJing and earning some good money for a 13-year-old! My parents used to drive me around to my gigs with all my equipment in the car. I would have loved to have been old enough to go out in the 90s and experience dancing to some of those iconic tracks. That’s what Rhythm of the 90s is all about for me; a chance to relive a night of music from the best decade for dance.

Wayne: I only really started going out in 98/99 and that was to my local nightclubs in Burton on Trent. I remember lots of trance, UV lights and bottles of Hooch and Smirnoff Ice. Good times! I still wasn’t out as gay in the 90s so most of my memories of being in clubs involve me trying to hide my attraction to guys and politely giving the few girls who approached me the brush off! I wish I had been born a few years earlier so I could have experienced dancing to Corona, Grace and Real McCoy on a dancefloor in 1995 when they were brand new! I guess selfishly, Rhythm of the 90s for me is an attempt as recreating those nights that I never got chance to go to myself.

What have you got lined up for us in the coming months with House Party London?

Wayne: We have loads of ideas that we’ve started to talk about and we’re excited to start planning our next night – watch this space! We’d love to get to a point with House Party London where our nights feel immersive. We want to add more acts, more décor, more surprises. We want our nights to connect with that nostalgia that we all feel when it comes to certain music. Even with this, our first event, we’re engaging with people on social media about what they want to hear and it’s great to see the positive reaction the night is getting. We’re right at the start of our journey and we hope people want to join us on it!


Rhythm of the 90s is this Saturday at Eagle London

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