Three new events from RVT

The iconic RVT knows how to put on a party that is for absolute sure. We have teamed up with RVT to pick three of their best upcoming events. Some here are the deets:

Alfie Ordinary

ALFIE ORDINARY debuts his first ever full length solo show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London on June 3rd.  Alfie sits down for an intimate performance in “Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous! An hilarious and heart warming tale that explores how Alfie grew up feeling different from the other children he knew, until he began to think that he might in fact be Fabulous! It is sure to be a sell out so grab your tickets today.

Miss Hope Springs

Miss Hope Springs is back at the Tavern by popular demand! Ex-Vegas songstress Miss Hope Springs presents a brand new show in which she reveals more scandalous showbiz stories from her ‘Ritz to the pits’ life and shares some as yet unheard treasures from her personal songbook.

Xtrah Virgin

She’s the holy mother of Gawd. She’s the Virgin Mary.  She’s The Virgin Xtravaganzah who has come back down to earth (because heaven is totes boring and full of Christians) to be a fabulous drag queen in London! Pray to the lord you get a ticket!

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