OutSavvy chats with Kristoffer Chapman about Tongue Pop and Pink Lemonade

Hi Kristoffer, thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your upcoming events Tongue Pop and Pink Lemonade. Firstly, can you tell us what we can expect from a night at Tongue Pop?

Tongue Pop has basically been born from our unashamedly LOVE of POP and surprisingly the demand for pop also. We plan to have the ultimate pop party and everyone is invited. It's for people who just want to go out and have fun, sing along with your mates till you’ve no voice left and get a chance to show of all those moves you’ve been practising in front of the mirror for weeks. Now it really is time to sing loud and dance proud with a soundtrack to everything now, then and in-between! 

Poptastic! What do you think of the new Steps song? (We may have learnt the new dance moves...) Please say that gets a play.

Strangely we don’t get asked for Steps a lot but, for you, obviously Id play it. I loved Scared of The Dark. It took me back to a time when pop ruled the skool, the years of G A Y at The Astoria, Wig Out at The Ghetto and CDUK on the telly and more importantly The Younger Years,lol. It’s amazing how certain records can transport you back to a place and time when you hear them and that’s why POP will never go out of fashion. So many good memories. 


Are you open to pop requests on the night?

Always – it saves me 3 mins of time thinking of what track to play next. 😆  In all seriousness you came to have a good time, so let’s make sure that happens by playing a record you want to hear - obvs only if it’s a decent sensible request that will keep in line with the party and keep it moving, then why not. (It just gets a little awkward on the 5th request. It starts to feel like you’re being told what to do, and no one likes that)


This is a tough one, what’s your favourite pop classic of all time?

Just because my DJ name is Beary Carey everyone thinks I’ll play Mariah all night long – wrong, she’s in there on occasions but if I did have to pick a standout classic track that always goes down well at any given pop party or club is Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, it still continues to get everyone up and singing. More recently “Into You” by Ariana Grande is a banger that always fills the floor. (#Obsessed x)  


Your other night Pink Lemonade is back on the 24th June, you are a busy boy! What can we expect from a night at the re-launch of Pink Lemonade?

Without sounding to cliché, all I want is to create a party where everyone is welcome and there’s basically something for everyone that attends. I’m old skool and I believe in a party where drag queens and club kids can dance side by side with super sexy boys and girls in a house of love! #LoveWins I think with our signature “cocktail mixture” we’ve been building at Pink Lemonade we may just have that or are at least on our way. 


What DJs do you have scheduled for the night and what style of music do you play?

PRINCESS JULIA - Clubbing legend and fashion icon, Julia has DJ-ed at every notorious venue and party in London and continues to do so. Over the moon she will be joining us for her debut Pink Lemonade 

ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK – Quite simply put there really is no young DJ / artiste more central to the London scene than THE WUT? CLUB’s founder. Our unofficial resident, so good we just keep asking him back. 

TAFKANIK – Founder of East London’s Homostash club night, this DJ is one of the most important faces of London’s alternative music scene. We’re thrilled to have him on board joining us for his debut also at Pink Lemonade.

Our music policy for the night speaks for itself, simply put: “It’s a clubbing cocktail of musical genres”. 

And how regularly do you put on a night of Pink Lemonade and Tongue Pop?

Both parties are monthly regulars at their venues. Keep up to date with what’s happening via their Facebook pages:

Pink Lemonade: https://www.facebook.com/Pink-Lemonade-1734598466852338/

Tongue Pop:  https://www.facebook.com/Tongue-Pop-1688545921362634/

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for both events on OutSavvy today. Thanks for chatting with us today Kristoffer and see you on the dance floor.

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