Trashbag Trish & Rocky Horror Picture Show - actor Rich Watkins tells all

Recently, OutSavvy caught up with actor/performer Rich Watkins, so he could tell us a bit about himself and two contrasting roles he will be taking on in October and November. He will be appearing as Drag Queen, ‘Trashbag Trish’ in Pat Cash’s eponymously titled show and ‘Brad Majors’ in a revival of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at the Two Brewers.

So, some of the faces and voices of Rich Watkins; tell us a bit about how you got these parts and what we can expect from these two productions:

Both shows are a a bit of a homecoming for me. With Rocky Horror, it's the second time I've done the show with TwoBox Productions, after last year's sell out run. This year, I'm really excited to have been asked back to play Brad. The company of actors are just incredible, with some of London's biggest drag superstars on the billing! The show is just so much fun, we get the audience involved and bring some Transylvanian real ness to Clapham High Street. And as I said, last year was a sell out success, so we're looking forward to more of the same this Halloween!

And Trash Bag Trish's show came from the run of "Queers" I worked on with Pat Cash earlier this year. The fabulous yet feckless drag queen returns to her home town, and we see her take on small town Britain with nothing but her killer heels, her ratchet wig and a whole load of guts. The short monologue from "Queers" is being extended to a full length show for our night at Hackney Attic.

With Trash Bag Trish, this is not the first time you have worked with the writer Pat Cash, or the director Luke Davis and Dragonflies Theatre? 

Far from it! In fact, this is my fourth show with Dragonflies, following "The Chemsex Monologues", "$uper£iciaL" and "Queers". I was also part of the Australian touring cast of "The Chemsex Monologues". It's always a real pleasure working with the company as they're such great guys (and the plays are pretty good too!)

And when we see you as Brad Majors, will the audience get a chance to do the time warp again? 

Of course! After all, what would Rocky Horror be without the iconic Time Warp? Our version of the show isn't your typical musical, though. Incorporating the film and a bit of audience interaction, this is one night where you'll definitely feel involved. And as it's Halloween, the audience are also encouraged to dress up. Last year we had some wonderful gold-panted Rockys!

Dammit Janet, you can sing and dance? Where did you train? 

I trained in Musical Theatre at The MTA London, and studied acting from a young age at Guildhall Junior School and with the National Youth Theatre. When it comes to drag, I picked up many tricks of the trade after working with the legendary Dave Lynn last year. He really inspired me to try it, and here I am.

Is song, dance and comedy your thing or are there ‘serious’ roles you would like to tackle as well?

I think every actor wants to do everything, and it's such a treat when you get given a totally different role from your usual casting. I've been lucky enough to have had such roles. Last year, I played a convicted murderer and a drug addict, so that was quite a departure from musical comedy!

And finally, what are your plans after these shows?

With Christmas coming, it can only mean one thing: Panto season! I'm super excited for this year, because I'm performing at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern in their production of "Goosed". I'll be playing hapless bar boy Jack. This is my first time doing adult panto, so I'm looking forward to being a bit naughty! I met the team last week and they're all hilarious. It's going to be a really great show. Though you'd expect nothing less from the iconic RVT!

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