What makes Mawaan Rizwan 'twerk'

“So where did you learn to twerk?” I ask, when I recently caught up with Mawaan Rizwan in Central London for a cup of tea.

Fannie Sosa taught me – she has a PHD in Twerk and torque: new strategies for subjectivity decolonization in the web 2.0 times'. Is Mawaan’s reply.

So… now we know!

Mawaan is a rising star on the comedy stand-up circuit; actor in such shows as BAFTA-winning BBC3 drama Murdered By My Father and the presenter of his very personal acclaimed documentary How Gay is Pakistan?

We met up, just after he attended a class on movement at Tristan Bates Theatre  He is always learning,
(he studied clowning with the renowned Philippe Gaulier) - always perfecting his craft. He takes that seriously - but don’t worry the audience always have a lot of fun. And you will be able to find out on March 14 and April 18 when he performs his Twerk in Progress at Aces and Eights Saloon Bar in Tufnell Park, North London.

Back to twerking – it's no surprise that Mawaan should take inspiration from Fannie Sosa who explores feminism, gender, oppression, what is to be a person of colour and queer culture in our world today. 

His shows are energetic – he has a very engaging personality – the audience always warm to him and to his personal stories and observations about his every day life, being Pakistani, a Londoner, being gay;  his interaction with his family (he even got his Mum a gig on a Bollywood film – nice!) and his relationship with his boy friend.

So what next for Mawaan? He will be taking his show to the Edinburgh fringe this year.
Keep an eye out on OutSavvy for details on that.

And in the meantime? More twerking, no doubt!









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