Why we think LGBT Pride matters

It’s Pride season and this week it is London’s turn with Pride in London.

On Saturday, many of us will be out and proud on the streets, watching the parade, marching with pride, attending the Trafalgar Square rally and concert – enjoying, partying, celebrating our rainbow diversity – having FUN.

However, this year is going to be different. Over the last few years, many of us have, perhaps, become a bit complacent or jaded about this celebration of diversity – ‘why do we even need our own parade?’ some people have said (both LGBT and ‘straight’).  They may comment that all the major parties support gay marriage; there is statutory equality in work and the community at large; our future King is on the cover of Attitude, strongly condemning homophobic bullying. So why do we need ‘Pride’?

Well, we think the answer is proclaimed loud and clear, not only with the unspeakable extensively reported event in Orlando last week but in the many less or non-reported acts of homophobic abuse that happen every day of the week, at home and abroad.

In the UK horrific ‘gay bashing’ continues. Overseas, there is so much work needed to support our LGBT friends.  Look what happened in Istanbul last weekend with the breakup of the LGBT Pride march. Consider those countries where homosexuality is illegal.

So, we hope as many of you can join us and stand up and be counted. And if you cannot make it to London, there are many Prides happening all over the country and around the world in the coming months.

We believe strongly, that our community deserves a good party to let us remember and reflect how wonderfully far we have come. But let us consider, also, what we need to do further, so we can all enjoy the freedoms we will see demonstrated on the streets of London this weekend.

From all of us at OutSavvy, we wish you a Happy Pride – let’s go out and celebrate!

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