The best of LGBT Theatre

As you would expect from London, there is a bustling LGBT theatre scene. From shows tacking gender, sexuality, drugs and more; these groundbreaking shows are often not easy to find. OutSavvy has put together a helpful guide to the plays that explore LGBT lives and go beyond the stereotypes. Read on to discover LGBT theatre as you've never seen it before.
Scratch It Downstairs
VFD, London
Thursday 27th June 2019
Rebel Dyke Live
The Two Brewers, London
Thursday 27th June 2019
Catch 22 Years (WIP)
The Glory, London
Monday 1st July 2019
Happily Ever Poofter at The Two Brewers
Two Brewers, London
Friday 5th July 2019
Brother Sun & Sister Moon
The Glory, London
Tuesday 9th July 2019
Chechnya Plays
The Two Brewers, London
Saturday 13th July 2019