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About Happily Ever Poofter

Once upon a time, 

In a Kingdom Far Away,

There lived a dashing Prince, 

Who just happened to be gay!

He'd tried dating Cinderella,

Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White,

But deep down in his heart,

Something didn't feel quite right…

Happily Ever Poofter is a production company bringing you the best in LGBTQ+ Disney parody entertainment, because if Disney aren't going to write a gay fairytale love story, we'll just have to do it ourselves!


Beginning in 2018 with a few humorous lyrics in the magical mind of co-founder and performer Rich Watkins, “Happily Ever Poofter” the soon-to-be smash-hit Disney parody musical was written. He soon shared his magical tale with co-founder and director Denholm Spurr; and thus the world's first gay Prince was born. 


Happily Ever Poofter have gone on to share their award-winning story all across the globe - from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the Adelaide Fringe in Australia - with regular appearance at their ancestral home The Two Brewers (Clapham, London). We also host a Drag Race-inspired impersonation competition night “The Disney Snatch Game” where drag acts and performers come from far and wide to compete to win a golden crown (made from the most regal of materials: cold hard plastic.)


Our shows are about inclusivity, community and love, sharing poignant messages with a sizeable serving of a big bellyful of laughter.



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