Apple Wallet is now available on OutSavvy

Apple Wallet is now available on the OutSavvy app! It is now even easier to store and share tickets on your iPhone with our brand new integration Apple Wallet.

It is really easy to sync your OutSavvy tickets with Apple Wallet for easy entry to your event. Just download or update the latest version of the OutSavvy app from the App Store (you will need at a minimum version 2.9) here.

Make sure you are logged in with your OutSavvy account or create one by registering or signing in with Facebook.

Browse to the tickets page on the bottom menu to find your purchased tickets. On the ticket screen above each ticket there is an option to Add to Apple Wallet. If the option doesn’t show you may not have Apple Wallet installed on your device or you need to update your version of iOS. Select that option on each ticket you want to store and the ticket will pop-up. Click the Add button to add the pass to your wallet.

The Apple Wallet ticket includes everything you need to gain entry to your event including the QR code for scanning if requested at the door. It is also easy to send a ticket to a friend if you buy multiple tickets. Just select the share option on the Apple Wallet ticket and send to you friend.

If details of your event change don’t worry, our Apple Wallet tickets sync automatically. Give the app an update today and try storing your tix with Apple Wallet.