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OutSavvy App for iOS and Android
  • Store Your Tickets

    Your tickets are securely stored on the app for easy entry to your event

  • Get Your Tickets First

    Follow event performers, organisers and venues and get a ping message when new events go on sale

  • Easy Payment Options

    Book securely with your credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay

  • Resell Your Tickets or Join The Waiting List

    If the event sells out and you can't make it, you may be able to resell your tickets or join the Waiting List for sold out events

Available on iOS and Android

Download the app using the links below for the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

OutSavvy App for iOS and Android

Easy Entry to Events

Gain entry to your favourtie events using the OutSavvy App


Browse and filter events

Browse the app to discover events. View the list of upcoming events ordered by date and use the filters to find events by location and type. Or use the event guide to browse your personalised list of events we think you will love, brand new events just added or events happening this week.

OutSavvy App for iOS and Android

Book your tickets

With just a few taps you can book tickets to the event on the app. Select the tickets you want, confirm your details and then use the secure booking form to complete your purchase. Pay with your card, Apple Pay or Google Pay to complete your order. Your tickets are then stored securely on the app (they work when you are offline as well). You can also store your tickets in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

OutSavvy App for iOS and Android

Gain entry to the event

Your OutSavvy tickets are synced across the OutSavvy website and your app, just make sure you login with the same details. If there are any changes to your event, your tickets are automatically updated. To gain entry to the event you just need to show your tickets on the app (the QR code may be scanned on entry).

OutSavvy App for iOS and Android

Frequently Asked

Got a question about the OutSavvy app? Find answers to frequently asked questions below 👇

1. If I book tickets on the website are they synced to the app

Absolutely! Just make sure you login with the same account, browse to the Tickets tab and your website tickets should appear. If they do not appear make sure you are logged in with the same account and check the confirmation ticket email to make sure you didn't purchase the tickets as a guest.

2. Can I pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay?

You sure can! If you have Apple Pay available on your Apple device you will be able to purchase your tickets with one click. If you have Google Pay available on your Android device you will be able to complete your order with Google Pay.

3. Can I store my tickets in Apple Wallet or Google Pay?

Yes and yes. If your device has Apple Wallet or Google Pay enabled, you will be able to store your tickets on these apps. Access the tickets on the OutSavvy App and click the Apple Wallet or Google Pay buttons and follow the instructions. If you have multiple tickets you will need to save each ticket one by one. If there are any changes to the event your stored tickets are automatically updated.

4. Can I follow my favourite performers/artists/venues?

You can indeed follow your OutSavvy favourites. Just browse to one of their events and scroll down to find the Follow button. If you are already following, the button will allow you to unfollow. When a new event goes live on OutSavvy, by an organiser you follow, you will get a ping message informing you the tickets are on sale. Never miss out on tickets again from your favourites.

OutSavvy App for iOS and Android