Black Lives Matter statement

Like the rest of the world, OutSavvy has watched the story unfolding around the violent murder of George Floyd with absolute horror.

It was our hope that a global pandemic would bring people together but instead it further highlighted the true injustice and disproportionate rate in which minorities are affected on a daily basis in our society.

As an inclusive ticketing company, it has always been our commitment to build a platform for inclusive events and to promote inclusivity. OutSavvy was launched after consistently being unable to find a clear overview of upcoming events that cater to us, that make us feel welcome/safe, that educate us. We were mostly limited to search engines making it difficult for the LGBTQ+ & friends/allies community to discover the diverse range of events happening around the UK which turned out to be in the many.

We are proud that 50% of the OutSavvy workforce are BAME/QPOC and we are proud of our daily operations including raising money for LGBTQ+ charities and promoting inclusive events. We are proud to only collect the necessary data that comes with processing tickets, and to never collect any sensitive or personal information. We are proud to be working with a range of BAME events including The Cocoa Butter Club, BlackOut UK, and many event organisers who are consistently promoting inclusive policies.

But we can still do better.

We are revising the way in which we promote events and how we can be a better voice/platform with an even stronger inclusive message. We are revising the charity donations and will add more BAME/QPOC focused charities/projects. And we are revising our overall operations ahead of launching in the USA including design and imagery in order to make everyone feel included.

For now, we would like to point everyone to below links that may be useful, not just today or this week, but in the weeks, months and years ahead:
Black Lives Matter US
Black Lives Matter UK
Black Lives Matter US resources
Article: How can I be a stronger ally? Petition: Justice for George Floyd

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us here.