Connect with the community online via online events: add your online event

Although it may not be possible to connect with the community during these times in the ways you normally would but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with your fans or perhaps generate some income. 
With the help of some organisers, we are happy to introduce Online Events to OutSavvy.

Whether you call it a live stream, a webinar or a virtual event, there are several ways to (temporarily) stay connected with the community. 
So far, we have already seen drag bingo events, book clubs, virtual work outs and even club and cabaret nights all taking place online. 
Online events can work well for organisers because it broadens the scope of your event beyond physical boundaries and makes online guests feel like things are a little bit normal. Guests can engage with you like never before in the comments and chat sections providing a space for people to interact, share their thoughts, and discuss the event in real time. 
Choosing the right technology for your event 
It is very important to choose the right technology and make sure you have tested the technology to ensure it meets all your requirements. 
Here are a few platforms you can consider using for your online event: 

  • YouTube. A great platform for live streaming and the hangout space encourages user interaction. You can also make your stream private and invite ticket buyers to watch the stream. More info >  
  • Facebook or Instagram Live. Connect with your existing followers and engage with them whilst you stream. It can be a little tricky to set-up private streams but it might be perfect for events where your customers pay to join a game such as purchasing a bingo card and letting everyone else watch the stream. More info Facebook / Instagram > 
  • Zoom. A platform built around event-goer participation. The free plan has some limits such as the number of users who can participate but if you plan to do a number of online events you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan. For private events that require a ticket, Zoom is an option worth exploring. More info > 
  • RingCentral. Hold high-definition video meetings using your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Meet with your fans in real time. More info > 

Before the start of your event, make sure you test your video and audio, use a good quality camera and microphone and ensure you have a solid internet connection that can cope with live streaming video. 
Set-up your online event on OutSavvy 
The next thing you need to do is set-up your new online event on OutSavvy. Simply create a new event and select the online event checkbox above the location to turn your event into an online only event. You can also add a stream link if you have it and your guests will still receive tickets but it is made clear that the ticket is valid only for the online event. 
You may want to set-up extra fields to capture any required customer details such as each guest's email address so you can make your stream private and invite your guests only via their email. More details on capturing extra fields can be found here. Set-up your dates and tickets as normal and your online events will act the same as an on-location event. You can still use the invite tools on OutSavvy to invite your existing audience to this online event and don’t forget to add the event across your social channels. 
With your online event, you can continue to count on our support and free promo on our app and website, social media and in our newsletter. 
We can’t wait to see what you come up with for online events as you all continue to surprise us and lift up the community. 
Add your online event here.