Manage your event through your Android device

Organising an event on OutSavvy and have an Android device? We have some good news for you. OutSavvy Dash is out now out on Android! You can download Dash on the Google Play Store and sync your account to Dash to help manage your event. Some key features of the OutSavvy Dash app are: 

Real time sales notifications

Get a ping message every time you make a sale on OutSavvy to keep on top of your sales.


Sell tickets

Sell tickets to your event in advance and on the door using the Dash app. Turn your phone into a point of sales ticket sales system.


Quick and easy guest entry

Scan your guest tickets on the door for quick and simple entry. View your full guest list and scan the guests QR codes or find them in your list and keep track of who attended your event.


Track event revenue and sales 

Get the latest event stats on your mobile device; track revenue and ticket sales in real-time on the go without having to log into the partner portal.


You can download Dash for Android on Google Play at the link here and or the app on the Apple App Store here. Please do let us know if there are any features you would love to see in Dash.